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      Alessa Berg And Top Tier Impact: The Future Of Impact Investing


      As our modern world continues to face critical issues with significant adverse impacts, business leaders meet challenges that question the ideologies which previously supported their economic growth. Sustainability has emerged as a relatively new concept that can no longer be excluded from the way businesses operate. Alessa Berg is one of the pioneers that are bringing about this positive change.

      Alessa Berg

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      An impact investing strategy is an investment strategy that focuses on companies which produce social or environmental benefits. As a student at Oxford University, Berg used to focus on finance and the design of governance systems. Later, this evolved into her interest in impact investing. She says, "The more I looked into the impact investment space, the more I saw a positive and long-term focused paradigm for our society. I also found plenty of ways in which it could be improved, which is how the journey of Top Tier Impact started."

      Alessa Berg quickly realized how to help scaling sustainability as a mainstream approach to making investments and running companies. Top Tier Impact started as a platform for investors to discuss and share their activities in sustainability. It evolved into a fully-fledged ecosystem that offers Berg, her team and the members of their network various opportunities to scale their activities in global sustainability.

      Berg's devotion towards building a better planet through her work is commendable. She doesn't just see giving back as an activity done purely for pleasure or during one's free time. Instead, she's bringing it into mainstream business. As she states, "We no longer live in a world where generating value and giving back have to be separate activities... we can put positive contributions at the center of what we do. In a society with plenty of business opportunities for creating positive change, this has quantifiable value."

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      The future of the impact investment space appears to be a bright one as leaders around the globe comprehend the urgent need for its adoption. In this decade, Berg believes that impact and sustainability will also bring some of the most significant investment opportunities of our time.

      Many leading investment funds are already part of Top Tier Impact. With more sustainability leaders around the world joining TTI each month, Alessa Berg is set to create significant change through this positive movement.

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