Gandi Baat Actress Flora Saini Recalls Horrific Domestic Abuse By Ex-Partner, Says, 'Left With Fractured Jaw'

    Flora Saini Recalls Horrific Domestic Abuse By Ex-Partner

    Actress Flora Saini is a popular face in the entertainment industry and has worked in several Hindi, Kannada, and Tamil films. She has always been quite open about the bad experiences of life. For those unaware, Saini in the past was in a live-in relationship with the film producer, Gaurang Doshi, and had suffered horrific domestic violence at the hands of Doshi. Due to the abuse, Flora had parted ways from Gaurang and during India's Me Too movement, revealed her ordeals of facing sexual harassment.

    In 2018, the Gandi Baat actress went public about the torture she endured at the hands of her ex-boyfriend in 2007 and how she escaped the heinous situation. The actress once again remembered how Gaurang Doshi had almost killed her and threatened to kill her parents if she hadn't left the place. Speaking to News18, Flora shared that she, despite her parents' disapproval, stayed in the relationship.

    She also drew comparison between her with that of Shraddha Walkar murder case who was killed by her live-in partner, Aftab Poonawala in Delhi. Referring to the case, Flora shared how Gaurang cut off all contacts with her family and used to beat her.

    Flora Saini and Gaurang Doshi

    She said, "Your parents see the red flags. In Shraddha's case as well, the same happened. They first cut you off from your family. I also left my home, and within a week of moving in with him, I was being bashed up. I couldn't understand why he was beating me up suddenly, because in my eyes he was a really nice guy."

    Flora Saini further mentioned that her ex had even threatened to kill her and her parents when she said she wanted to call it quits with him. "One night, he'd beaten me so much that I had a fractured jaw. He took his father's picture and warned me, saying I swear on my father that I will kill you tonight," she said.

    flora saini

    In the same interview, Saini recalled, "When he turned back to keep the photo frame back, in that fraction of a second, my mom's voice echoed in my ears that at such a moment you will have to run - bas bhaag, mat soch ki kapde pehne hai ya nahi, paise hain ya nahi, bas bhaag (run and don't think if you have clothes on or not, If you have the money or not, run for your life). I ran to my home and I decided that I'm never going back."

    Flora Saini then added that when she went to the police station, they first refused to lodge the complaint, but she was later able to file a written complaint. She concluded her conversation by advising young girls to take red flags seriously.

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