Rahul Dev Speaks On The Struggles Of A Single Dad While Raising A Child

To raise a child, the contribution of both mother and father is essential. However, in many families, a child is bereft of one parent and is raised by a single one. While everyone is aware of the sacrifices made by a single mother to raise her kid, very few talk about the hardships a single father faces while doing the same. Voicing those issues now, is Rahul Dev.

Rahul Dev

In an interview with Connect FM Canada, Rahul talks about the struggles of being a single parent after his wife Rina died due to cancer in 2009. He said that single parenting is a difficult task as women have a big hand in raising children. As children grow inside them, they understand them better and have more patience to deal with them. He said, "I tried a lot, but there were times when I would lose my cool, my frame of mind. I had to try to be both mom and dad."

Rahul Dev Son

Rahul talked about times when he visited his son's school for parent-teacher meetings and felt a sense of deep insecurity when he saw only mothers of other kids accompanying them. He said that single parenting looks only easy in films and wishes that nobody goes through what he went through.

Dev also talked about his relationship with actress-model Mugdha Godse in the interview. Commenting on it, he said that she belongs to 'another generation' as she is 14 years younger than him. He revealed to have doubts about the relationship sometimes, wondering if it is 'unfair'. However, he also remarked on the fact about how it isn't easy to start all over again after being a widower.

Rahul Dev Mugdha Godse

Rahul was last seen in the Tamil film The Legend.


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