“Salman Khan On Gangster’s Hit List”: Lawrence Bishnoi's Henchman Makes Explosive Revelations

In a revealing interrogation session, Sampat Nehra, a close associate of the notorious Lawrence Bishnoi gang, disclosed the gang's criminal operations and their targeting of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. Nehra's admissions highlight the dangerous nexus between organized crime and the entertainment industry, emphasizing the ongoing threat to public figures and the urgent need for enhanced security measures.

“Salman On Hit List”: Lawrence Bishnois Henchman Reveals

In a significant development, Sampat Nehra, a key associate of notorious gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, has been taken from Bathinda High Security Jail to Churu for detailed interrogation. During this intense 5-day session, Nehra made several startling revelations, shedding light on the dark underbelly of crime that seems to have connections extending into Bollywood. Among the many secrets unveiled, the most shocking has been the alleged targeting of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan by the Lawrence Bishnoi gang.

The Extensive Network and Operations of the Lawrence Bishnoi Gang

Nehra's revelations during the interrogation provided a glimpse into the extensive network and operations of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang. He disclosed the gang's international connections and how they have been procuring weapons from Delhi for notorious crimes across the country. Furthermore, Nehra admitted to orchestrating various criminal activities from jail, pointing to a well-organized network of henchmen operating across different cities under the gang's directives.

Bollywood in the Crosshairs: Salman Khan Targeted

Among the many disclosures, the most alarming was the revelation that Bollywood megastar Salman Khan is on the hit list of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang. Nehra confessed to having done the groundwork (Reiki) for an attack on Salman but did not succeed. The reason behind this vendetta traces back to the infamous blackbuck hunting case of 1998, involving Salman Khan. The Bishnoi community, which reveres the blackbuck, has been seeking retribution, with Lawrence Bishnoi publicly threatening Salman Khan. This has led to heightened security for the Bollywood star, although the threat from Bishnoi's gang looms large.

The interrogation of Sampat Nehra has peeled back the curtain on the intricate and dangerous connections between the world of crime and Bollywood. The revelations underscore the persistent threat posed by organized crime syndicates like the Lawrence Bishnoi gang. It also highlights the urgent need for heightened security measures to protect public figures from such vendettas. As Nehra is sent back to Bathinda jail under tight security, the authorities are following up on the leads obtained to dismantle the network of crime that threatens the peace and safety of society.

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