What The Hell Navya: Jaya Reveals 'Nuskas' For Radiant Skin But It's Shweta's Reaction That Steals The Show

What The Hell Navya: Jaya Reveals Nuskas For Radiant Skin

Navya starts the episode with sisterly advice on wellness to all viewers. She talks about how we rush to recharge our phones, but not ourselves, why is that? She also discusses beauty, skincare, and the significance of self-love. Joined by Jaya Bachchan and Shweta Bachchan Nanda, they talk about the importance of health and wellness, offering valuable insights in episode 3 of "What the Hell Navya" with Tira Beauty.

Jaya Bachchan, Shweta and Navya spill the tea on their skincare and beauty routines.Talking on aura cleansing or better yet removing 'nazar'. Shweta and Jaya reveal to viewers that they use salt as part of their wellness routine. Jaya Bachchan also reveals some natural home remedies such as mixing turmeric and flour for radiant skin, and many such "nuskas". Shweta also makes a hilarious remark, the only thing missing from Jaya's homemade hack is to add "tadka and eat it."

Ending the episode on a high note, Navya plays a rapid fire game of 'Would You Rather', revealing more of Shweta and Jaya's homemade beauty secrets. Check the video out now to find out!

Link to the Vodcast is below:

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