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    <i>Fight Club</i> - Members Only

    By Staff

    Courtesy: IndiaFM

    Character Sketch

    Sohail Khan as Sameer
    Mr. Rough and Tough
    Sameer is the bouncer of a local club and prefers to talk with his fists rather than words. He joins Team Fight Club with this mission in mind. Will it succeed? Will it fail?
    Watch out for the answer...

    Zayed Khan as Vicky
    Face of fun
    Vicky is a flamboyant college going dude and the life-line of his friends; he decides to present his friends with a power-packed surprise...plan of a Fight Club! Amidst fists and fights Vicky finds Anu. His notorious and cute romance will make you smile throughout this journey.

    Riteish Deshmukh as Somil
    Always right
    An observer and thinker by nature; he has immense respect for his uncle who is a father figure to him. However fate took a turn for the worst. Watch traumatized Somil fight back courageously and accelerate new beginnings with the help of his friends...

    Dino Morea as Karan
    Mr. Perfect
    Always right in his thinking. Always right in his behavior. Karan joins Team Fight Club with an uncertain mind and a rationale of being supportive towards his friends. Watch him as he gets entangled in a constant battle between love, friendship and his principles...always.

    Aashish Chaudhary as Diku
    Majja Ma Diku
    Not so mature. Not so shy. Not so happening.
    Diku is a live wire and the centre of attraction. Look out for this funny wannabe;
    He'll make you laugh throughout this journey!

    Amrita Arora as Shonali
    The beauty next door
    A radiant beauty. An independent girl. A carefree attitude.
    A glamorous singer by profession; Shonali is bowled over by the subdued Karan.
    Watch them humming the tune of love!

    Dia Mirza as Anu
    Lovely Lady
    Modern and appealing. Rational and self-reliant. Anu plays Karan's younger sister and is in love with Vicky. Watch out for flirtations Anu as she transforms herself into Vicky's definition of a perfect woman.

    Neha Dhupia as Komal
    Beautiful Dutiful Doctor
    The Girl with 3C's - compassion, care and concern; Komal is a doctor by profession and would go to any lengths to prove her love for Sameer. Watch them strengthen their bond of love and make an unexpected discovery - each other!

    Suniel Shetty as Anna
    Return of the Kingpin!
    The ex-patriarch of the illegal network. The don with unassuming mind games.
    Anna shields his brother Mohit like a lion shields its cub. However, when Mohit gets killed, Anna explodes and decides to take vengeance. Beware... the explosion might turn you into ashes.

    Ashmit Patel as Dinesh
    Complete Black
    A conniving nature. A scheming mind. A merciless soul.
    Dinesh wants to rule the underworld and would kill anyone who comes his ways.
    A simple advice. Don't ever come in his way....

    Rahul Dev as Sandy
    Partner in Crime
    Sandy is kingpin - Anna's right hand man. He supports Anna whether - right or wrong.
    However, his brother Dinesh has another plan in mind. He is making Sandy dream of being the don himself.
    Watch out for sandy circled in a pool of unresolved decisions.

    Yash Tonk as Mohit
    The Brat
    His words - Dinesh. His mind - Dinesh. His idol - Dinesh.
    Dim-witted Mohit in awe of the merciless Dinesh. A sad wind blows after his tragic end that transform into a new beginning of trails and tribulations for Team Fight Club.


    Fight Club is an exhilarating journey of four friends Vicky (Zayed Khan), Karan (Dino Morea), Somil (Ritiesh Deshmukh) and Diku (Aashish Choudhary), who in a constant endeavor to help each other, get entangled in a web of incidents, some romantic, many funny and all that test the extremes of their friendship. These four friends who could be mistaken for brothers; offer an example of wonderful camaraderie, all throughout a journey with numerous highs, twists and dark turns. An exciting journey is accelerated when Vicky stumbles upon the design of a Fight Club. A club which gives people a platform to score with their enemies in a atmosphere of fun, action and excitement. Amidst the on-going fun, team fight club get entangled in affairs of the heart and mind with Anu (Dia Mirza) and Shonali (Amrita Arora) which thicken their bonds tighter...and make them travel to Delhi to look after a nightclub, 'Crossroads', which is in the eye of a storm created by Delhi's most dangerous gang lords.

    Gang lords who kill to survive! In the ongoing ever-increasing drama, the ex-king pin Anna's (Suniel Shetty) brother Mohit (Yash Tonk), gets killed. This fills Anna with vengeance ...situations take an ugly turn....time calls for a clash...Dinesh (Ashmit Patel) a merciless soul, masterminds the plan of a killing. His brother Sandy (Rahul Dev) gives him strong company as always.

    Team Fight Club calls on their ace, Sameer (Sohail Khan), a power packed bouncer to tilt the balance in their favor. In the puffed up atmosphere of fists and fights Sameer finds love in the name of Komal (Neha Dhupia).

    Now, in a strange new city, these five boys from Mumbai experience love, passion and also the worst enemies in the form of gang lords that one can even imagine.

    Watch team Fight Club as they give action a whole new meaning and take you on a maiden voyage full of comedy, romance, thrills and action like never before.

    This summer...welcome to a club that is more than just drinks and dance...

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