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<i>Katputhli</i> - Preview

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Friday, August 11, 2006
It came sudden, without prior warning.

One fine day Lisa Oberoi is walking on the Roads of Bombay and forgets who she is... Not recognizing her surroundings or any one. All she has is a dress full of blood and a whole lot of cash in her trench coat.

Lisa seems to be a Woman who had everything she could dream of, a loving Husband, a successful marriage, a beautiful House, and apparently she was the owner of one of the biggest and finest Hospital in the City.

Lisa's Husband, the well reputed Surgeon Arjun Oberoi, makes every effort to get her Memory back, here begins a beautiful love story, where a Husband makes his Wife fall in love with him all over again.

All is good and fine except the strange feeling that Lisa can't get rid of... what happened that Night ? why did she loose her Memory if her life was a Fairy Tale ? And why is she being haunted by repeated flashes of blood and money ?

Arjun doesn't seem to know much, and neither does Anju, the sweet Neighbor who some how is always around to make sure that Lisa is comfortable.. or was it Arjun who kept her in close quarters... like Celina, the sensuous looking Nurse he hired for Lisa's help. But if there is an unsolved question, it needs to be answered...

And thus enters Dev... A Naval Officer, Anju's Husband, Lisa's Friend since College. On his return after a gap, he finds his best friends life twisted beyond believe, but unlike Lisa, Dev is not going to sit idle and wait for Lisa's memory to come back to find answers ... and what is that strange feeling Lisa is talking about, what could have gone wrong ? Will Dev come to an solution ? Will Lisa's Memory come back at all ?
Is the truth to horrifying ?

Lisa is in a dilemma whether to uncover the shocking truth, or live in the make believe world Arjun had painted for her...

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