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    Tuesday, April 11, 2006

    Character Sketch

    Sanjay Kapoor as Rahul Malhotra

    Rahul, a small town boy, now working in Mumbai, is a product of a broken family who nursed a desire to keep his Wife and family happy as and when he got married. Strong believer in the Institution of Marriage and Family Values, he is accosted with a woman who marries him on a rebound.

    Understandably this woman cannot love him the way he does and feels let down. One day his wife blatantly informs him about her decision to leave him for good. Rahul is shattered but does not give up.

    Rahul decides to test his faith in love and in the process is supported by Natasha who incidentally is his wife's best friend.

    Will Rahul be able to prove that love is bigger than destiny or realizing that he can do nothing under the circumstances decides to resign to his fate...?

    Rituparna Sengupta as Ria Malhotra

    Ria has been a very vivacious girl and had once fallen in love with CEO of an advertising Company. After breaking off with him, on rebound, she marries a man who is very loving and one who could be termed as an Ideal husband.

    Torn between her husband and first love, she is unable to perform as a good wife. Her past tries to catch up with her and she is overcome with guilt.

    Ria decides to break off with her husband and informs him accordingly. Her husband tries to reason out with her but to no avail.

    Does Ria realize that she is fortunate enough to have a Model husband or does her ego coupled with guilt forms a veil around her thought process and forces her to abandon her husband .......

    Sudanshu Pandde as Rishi Rampal

    Rishi Rampal is the CEO of an Advertising Company, who impressed by Ria's beauty and innocence, unwittingly falls in Love with her. He is able to conceal a certain fact from Ria understanding that if that fact is known to her, she is bound to leave him. However when Ria learns about this she is left with no option but to confront and leave Rishi for good.

    Does Rishi really love Ria or his love was just a fake...? Is he instrumental in breaking Ria's marriage or does he wants her to lead a happy married life...? Is there anything that will ever make him repent for the grave error .....

    Juhi Babbar as Natasha Patel

    She is the 'Sutradhar' of this story. A close friend of Ria. Great admirer of Rahul as a husband. Legal Advisor to Rishi's firm and Sameer's fiancÉ.

    She is the one who has observed every character very closely and is able to make judgments.... She is saddened at Ria's decision to leave her husband. She feels that the best interest of Ria lies with her staying with Rahul. She sympathizes with Rahul and is upset that her fiancÉ is taking up Ria's unjust cause.

    At a point of time she is at crossroads but ultimately decides to side with Rahul against her own best friend as well as her fiancÉ.

    Will Natasha be able to fulfill her desire to bring both Ria and Rahul together or does she realize the sacrifices needed from her if she stands by Rahul to be far greater and leaves Rahul to fend for himself...?

    Aman Verma as Sameer Shah

    Sameer, an advocate by profession and Natasha's fiancÉ. Sameer is also Rishi's friend and thus knows Ria well. When Ria decided to leave her husband, Sameer assures her his co-operation knowing well that his fiancÉe will disapprove. For him his profession and client are above anything else.

    Does he comprehend that he could loose Natasha in the process and back out or on the contrary he is confident that he will manage to convince Natasha as well to support him leaving Rahul alone...


    UNS is an Arabic word meaning Love, affection, passion. Today when live-in relationships, Divorces, Broken Families are applauded. In this world where marriage happen and break like Instant Coffee, Instant Food, Instant Polaroid Photo, Instant one day Cricket matches. Is Institution of Marriage still relevant? Are marriages still pious and constitute important fabric of the society? Does a child need love of both the parents to grow naturally? In short, is Love pertinent? Or for that matter is Unns pertinent? a story narrated by Natasha (Juhi Babbar), about her close friend Ria (Rituparna Sengupta) who gets married to Rahul (Sanjay Kapoor) on a rebound. Rahul, an ideal husband truly loves his wife. Unfortunately Ria is unable to reciprocate Rahul's love in the same way as he does.

    Ria's first love, Rishi (Sudhanshu Pandde) is a advertising Tycoon who she really loved once upon a time. Though Rishi too loved her but, they could not get married.

    Succumbing to her consciences, Ria deliberately starts picking up fights with Rahul and one day tells Rahul that she has decided to end her marriage. Rahul is shattered. Natasha's boyfriend Sameer (Aman Verma) who is a lawyer, helps Ria. Natasha understands that Ria cannot get a better husband than Rahul and discourages her from divorce. But Ria is adamant.

    Rahul himself, a product of a broken family, and the one who probably nursed a desire to keep his family always happy, decides not to let go Ria and wants to save his marriage. Natasha stands against her own boyfriend Sameer as well as Ria and helps Rahul in this process.

    Will Rahul be able to win back his wife or will he give up and resign to the fate?? What role does Rishi play in this drama?? Will this conflict affect Natasha and Sameer's relationship?? All this and more can be seen in Unns.

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