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Bow Barracks Forever - Preview... Contd

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Sabyasachi Chakravarty as Tom

I am a smuggler. I tend to do things the wrong way. My marriage is on the rocks and I'll probably go to hell but that's me. And this is my home nobody tells me what to do!

There is only one way I know to live life and protect my home! No one messes with my home. The man who will kill to safeguard his home!

Sohini Pal as Sally

All I know is that I've always loved him and that he's always loved someone else! Will this be my last chance?

I know I don't stand a chance. But will I give up? Not just yet! No one messes with my home. The girl who always knew she never stood a chance!


Bow Barracks Forever is the real life story of a tiny but resolute Anglo Indian Community right in the heart of bustling North Kolkata trying desperately to keep alive its hopes, dreams, aspirations -- and its identity, as the world around them changes swiftly and tries to impose that change on them and their lives. It is a tale of heart breaking loneliness and immense courage.

The ultimate story of the triumph of the human spirit!


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