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Bow Barracks Forever - Preview

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Courtesy: IndiaFM
Thursday, June 14, 2007
Character Sketch

Clayton Rodgers as Bradley

Nobody understands me. I hate my life, my work, my family all I want is to play my music. Yes, I want out!

But if you think that means I'm going to let them in... think again! No one messes with my home. The boy who wants out but won't let them in!

Neha Dubey as Anne

My alcoholic husband beats me I have a son who silently witnesses it everyday. Yes, I am in love with another man but can you blame me?

But if you think I'm going to leave and run away in fear of my husband... you're wrong! No one messes with my home. The girl who will never give up despite the odds!

Victor Banerjee as Peter the Cheater

Yes, that's me. A bit of a player a bit of a drinker a bit of a cheater but don't get fooled by what you see!

Warning: don't judge a book by it's cover! The old trumpet player who can cheat you out of anything... but try cheating him out of his home!

Lilette Dubey as Emily Lobo

People line up outside my house for wine and cake but all I do is line up outside a telephone booth everyday to talk to my son in London!

I love my son but will I leave bow barracks for London? Never! No one messes with my home. The woman who will never leave... not even for her son!

Moon Moon Sen as Rosa

I made a mistake! I walked out on my marriage but I'm only human Will I ever be able to walk back in?

Will my people ever take me back?

I was torn between two men but not anymore. I want my life, my home back! No one messes with my home.

The woman who left never to return... but came back for good!

Rupa Ganguly as Rita

I think my husband is having an affair. He hasn't been home in months but I'm sure he'll come back if not for me, for his daughter. But I have a question - am I not a good wife?

My family is all I have. No one takes that away from me! No one messes with my home. The woman who will forgive anything... only to protect her home!


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