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Kaminey Preview

By: By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee
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Vishal Bharadwaj directed Kaminey is a story about identical twins, in early twenties, hoping to leave the poor past behind and move into a life of prosperity. But the similarity ends here for both of them. They set on their own paths chasing their love and dreams until a life changing moment brings them back face to face when they converge and have life changing realization.

Guddu and Charlie (Shahid Kapoor) are twins born and raised in the slums of Dharavi in the heart of the megapolis Mumbai. Guddu is honest and diligent person who works a trainee in an NGO. He aspires to climb the corporate ladded through his hard work and earn respect for himself in the society. Guddu stammers especially when he is under pressure.

Carlie on the other hand makes his living by betting on the race course. He moves around the novelty of the society and dreams of his rags to riches journey. For him quick money is all that matters and one day dreams of becoming a big bookie. He is very brave and street smart but like Guddu has a speech defect and has lips.

The brothers come in contact with a don whose sister played by Priyanka Chopra falls in love with Guddu. This is where the story takes a complete turn for both the brothers who have always hated each other till that moment in life come face to face and have realization about many things in life.

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