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Toss Preview

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Prashant Raj: Sami
Intensely talented and serious Sami is the creative head of a leading ad agency. He is honest, upfront and a doting lover. Someone who's so righteous and idealistic, believes in simple living suddenly faces a complex situation brought in by the toss of a coin. Sami now has to make a choice- his principles or the fatal attraction.

Rannvijay: Ryan
Ryan, the happy go lucky, handsome dude has only one achievement-he has won Fiyona's heart. He lives for the moment and wants it the easy way. He doesn't want to slog and knows for a fact that his stars will smile upon him someday. He does get lucky by the same flip of coin but will luck sustain him?

Ashmit Patel: Josh
Sami' colleague and bum chum Josh is an aggressive marketing professional. Josh believes in ends and not so much the means. He can easily trade morality should he see results coming his way. This stylish hunk also makes a choice but his choice is simple- all or nothing at all. The extreme that Josh deals in has only one consequence.... be it heads or tails.

Aarti Chabria: Sasha
Sensuality at its peak...Ambition naked in its desire...love, expendable if it becomes a hurdle...Welcome to Sasha's world! For the moment she sings on a Goan ship cruise but don't le that fool you because her romance with her desires are just about to begin. A very volcanic mixture of sex and intellect....a sign on her bedroom door sums it up perfectly... 'BEWARE...?"

Madhurima: Sherry
The naive Sherry lived to love and loved to live. Her small world of Mehendi, friends and boyfriend Josh kept her happy. Sherry is just the girl a man might want to take home to his mom. This innocent girl does not have even an inkling of what's about to engulf her.....her only fault? Well, choosing love over money.

Shruti Gera: Fiyona
Fiyona's love for God guided her choice. She attended her daily choir forgoing the fun. That is where she made her choice. Oblivious of the mayhem Fiyona gets involved only when terror strikes her. Her blissful world gets shattered for the want of truth. The truth if only she could handle.......

Zaakir Hussain: Denzel D' Cunha
Mr. Denzel D' Cunha, Senior Inspector, Panjim Police Station, Goa, has a poet's heart with a seemingly tough exterior. While his vision is to give children a better life, he might not spare you if you mispronounce his name. Will his strength of character and only weakness- love for children will make him choose, when the coin confronts him?

Mahesh Manjrekar: Dada
"Dada" is the greatest older brother to Two and Sada. He wants to give them the best of everything and for that; he needs only a few hundred crores. So what if he chooses to chop a few heads, break a couple of bones, spill a little blood?

Sushant Singh: Two
Two is Dada's shadow and his instructions are Ten Commandments for him. He is a dangerous mix of emotions and over dosage of violence. His devotion for Dada brings out the worst in him and he chooses the extreme.

Hardik Sangani: Sada
Pint size dynamite, Sada is the youngest in the trio. Pampered by his older brothers Sada- the 11 year school going kid has two addictions, mastering gory video games and observing Dada and Two's acts killing spree. Sada is sharper than both his brothers put together and his favourite colour is red- the colour of blood

Rajpal Yadav: Duffy
Duffy always believed that his profession will unlock the doors of his destiny and one day it did so. He tossed the coin and chose to be Dr. Faustus but forgot that Satan is only a myth.

Toss Synopsis

An incident can change lives, beliefs, relationships and in most probability.. You.

Toss is the captivating story of childhood friends who on their way back from a vacation stumble upon a fortune. They decide to split the money and start dreaming a king"s life. They calculate the actions, risks, percentages- but forget to calculate the human heart. Soon before they realize the owners of the booty are after them, the law is after them and worse ...they are after each other. The friends tread a path where greed rules and death has an equal chance of triumph.... and money awaits its new set of victims!

This hair raising theme that revolves around an unpredictable human psyche keeps you on tenterhooks and its any one's guess who will survive the testing grounds...

After all...It's a flip of destiny.

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