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    Aggar - Review

    By Super Admin

    Monday, September 17, 2007

    Reviewed by Sneha Hazarika

    Cast- Tusshar Kapoor, Shreyas Talpade, Udita Goswami, Nauheed Cyrusi, Sophie Chaudhary

    Director- Anant Mahadevan


    Anant Mahadevan delves into the thriller territory and delivers yet another average product after Aksar, in the form of Aggar.On the lines of Murder, Zeher and The Train (producers Shyam and Narendra Bajaj"s previous film), Aggar is a story of love, lust, betrayal, murder laced with a twist in the tale.

    Aryan (Tusshar Kapoor) is mentally wrecked and ends up in an asylum after he accidentally murders his unfaithful girlfriend (Sophie Chaudhary) in a fit of rage. Enter Dr Aditya Merchant (Shreyas Talpade) a psychiatrist with a known track record of successful cases, who takes it on him to make him alright again. He manages to get his patient out of the sanatorium and confidently tells him that he will cure him in a few months" time. In just a matter of a few days, Aryan manages to impress Ritu (Nauheed Cyrusi) who works under Jahnvi (Udita Goswami), a rich, seductive and stylish woman. On the other hand the doctor is having major marital problems with Jahnvi who happens to be his wife. She suspects him of having an affair and gradually finds comfort in the arms of Aryan who first impresses her with his working skills. The problem arises when the lonely Aryan actually falls deeply for her, while she realizes that her hubby was actually planning a surprise for her and not cheating on her.

    Since there have been many films like 'Aggar" in the past, a lot of things in the movie appear predictable and it doesn"t actually have anything new to offer. The only saving grace is the little twist in the story towards the end, which kind of startles one a bit. But then the treatment in the climax is very filmi again.

    A lot of silly things also keep happening in the story –like Tusshar"s sudden sane behaviour right after walking out of the mental hospital, impressing Nauheed in a jiffy, and then landing up with a job, Udita embarking on an affair without even caring to have a proper chat with her husband and Tushhar never guessing the fact that Udita could be his doctor"s wife even after knowing that she is married, has the same surname, Merchant and her hubby"s name is Aditya . Looks like, too many cinematic liberties for the writers here!

    Tusshar Kapoor does an Emraan Hashmi kind of a wayward, psychologically disturbed fiery lover boy role. Though he tries, it"s not a very impressive act and its better if Tusshar sticks to what he is best at-comic and simpleton characters. Shreyas Talpade experiments with this role of a suave calm doctor and it"s nice to see him do so. Udita Goswami"s styling is good in the movie but acting wise she has nothing new to offer. She kind of repeats what she did in 'Zeher" and 'Aksar". Nauheed Cyrusi looks pretty but comes across as quite wooden faced. Sophie Chaudhary who is there only in the initial reels doesn"t have much to offer. Vikas Kalantri has a blink, you miss it role. Looks like the director hired mainly to film a love making scene with Sophie! Saadhika too has very little to do.

    Cinematography is fairly okay. Mithun"s music is average and it"s sad after the fairly good 'The Train" soundtrack, he delivers something of this sort. The last song of the movie (filmed on Tusshar) looks completely out of place.

    Not recommended for hardcore thriller fans. Those who are okay with average thrills can go for it, though.

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