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Raqeeb - Review... Contd.

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The D-day arrives and Sunny comes to Remo's house to execute the plan. But there is another twist in the tale. Sofie double crosses Sunny as well and he is arrested and accused of Remo's murder. But there's more to this story...

Unlike most thrillers that reveal it all in the climax, Raqeeb peels off the mask of the scheming wife much before the intermission card is flashed on the screen. The reason why this film works is because everyone's playing games here. That makes it extremely difficult for the viewer to guess the prime suspect -- the manipulative and scheming mind.

The reason that prompts the prime suspect to indulge in dangerous games is completely justified. But the writer-director messes it up with such a tame ending.

Debutante Anurag Singh succeeds in presenting an unconventional theme with care. The idea of an ambitious woman in a relationship with three men at the same time is undoubtedly interesting. In terms of execution, Anurag handles the drama well, building the suspense beautifully.

Pritam's music is foot-tapping. 'Channa Ve Channa', 'Dushmana' and 'Qateel' are nice compositions. Fuwad Khan's camerawork could've been better. The locales of Thailand are striking, but the visuals don't make you scream 'Wow!'. Dialogues are well worded at places.

Raqeeb belongs to Sharman Joshi, who is evolving into a powerful actor. He slips into the role effortlessly and looks natural all through. Actot Rahul Khanna is perfect as the suave tycoon. Why doesn't one see more of you, Rahul? Jimmy Shergill's role reminds you of the obsessed lover in darr, but after he's shown getting arrested, this track is sidelined completely. Nonetheless, Jimmy does a worthy job.

Actress Tanushree Dutta is a revelation. Although her makeup and outfits [why so much skin show?] continue to be atrocious, you have to give credit where it's due. She enacts her part very well, expressing a lot through her eyes. Vishwajeet Pradhan is hardly there. Rekha Rao is wasted. Vivek Shauq excels. He provides the much-needed light moments.

On the whole, Raqeeb is a fairly engrossing fare. At the box-office, the bold theme may find its share of advocates and adversaries. Besides, the not-as-aggressive promotion and minimal hype will tell on its business.


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