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      Bhoothnath Review

      By By: Taran Adarsh, IndiaFM

      Teaming two superstars [Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan] in your directorial debut is as good as impossible. Opting for a novel story -- the relationship between a spirit and a mortal -- is an equally big challenge. Really, it requires courage to make a film that defies the stereotype, yet is seeped in emotions that work with the Indian junta. Vivek Sharma's first outing Bhoothnath is a simple story, well told and that's why it works!

      Aimed at kids between 6 and 60, Bhoothnath relies on the belief that has been passed on to us through generations: Aatma amar hain.

      Let's get a few things straight at the very outset. Bhoothnath is not an eerie experience [it does have a few moments though]. It's more of a kiddie film with a strong undercurrent of emotions. In fact, the bonding between the spirit and the kid makes you smile, even laugh at times and most importantly, makes you moist-eyed at two vital points of this 2.08 hour film.

      One of the prime reasons why Bhoothnath works, besides the above-mentioned reasons, is due to the right casting. The story rests on two shoulders -- the experienced [Bachchan] and the raw talent [Aman Siddiqui] -- and both shoulder the responsibility beautifully, both compliment each other wonderfully well and make it a must-see experience.

      You forget most films the moment you step out of the cineplex. But there're films that remain etched in your memory for their simplicity. Bhoothnath is one of those films. Go for it!

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