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Jimmy Review

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By a strange co-incidence, the new releases of last two Fridays have been poor clones of the 1970s/80s formula. Two weeks ago Tashan and last week's Mr. White Mr. Black were perfect examples of outdated cinema trying to make a foothold in the multiplex era, but in vain. Now add Jimmy to this list!

Jimmy is meant to be the launch of a star-kid [Mimoh Chakraborty], but the question that crosses your mind constantly is, is the script befitting the launch of a star-kid in the first place? Does it do justice to the debutante's skills? Most importantly, how could a veteran, experienced Mithun Chakraborty okay such a shoddy script for his son's launch?

One look at Mimoh and you know that given the right roles, he can work wonders. So why a tacky script in the first place? He deserved better! The screenplay of Jimmy is an assemblage of the numerous masala films we've visited since time immemorial. The main betrayer here is its concept that has already passed the expiry date. And even a majestic tower will fall if the very foundations are weak.

Look at the cinema being churned out these days. Newer concepts, newer ideas, newer stories are the order of the day. The multiplex era has taken over completely. There's just no room for mediocrity any longer. In such a scenario, Jimmy looks like a fish out of water, an obsolete product that stands no chance in today's times.

Sorry, you just don't feel like humming the popular Mithun track 'Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy, aaja aaja aaja' for this one!

In the dead of the night, a young woman's dead body is uncovered by the police. All leads point towards Jimmy [Mimoh Chakraborty]. A mechanical engineer in day and DJ by night, Jimmy works hard to pay off the debts his late father [Prithvi] left behind. While everybody is shocked, Jimmy owns up to the murder and is sentenced to death.

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