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Gandhi To Hitler Review

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Once again Adolf Hitler's life has been explored in the film Gandhi To Hitler directed by Rakesh Ranjan Kumar. Hitler has always been a fascinating subjects for international filmmakers through the decades however this is the first time that an Indian filmmaker is trying something on the Nazi dictator.

Gandhi To Hitler portrays the final days of Hitler when he was hiding in a bunker in Berlin after his downfall. The film also shows the relationship that he shared with his associates, his paranoia, his insecurities during those days. Gandhi To Hitler talks about the two letters written by Mahatma Gandhi to the dictator suggesting him to reconsider his political decisions.

Though a lot is known and talked about Hitler, very less is known about his longtime campanion Eva Braun, whom he married in his final days. The story of Indian soldiers fighting with the Russians on German soil is shown running concurrently in the film. Though the film is about Gandhi and Hitler who had poles apart ideologies, Gandhi To Hitler is not a war film.

There are no B&W documentary footage of World War II used in the film. The film is an amateur attempt to impart a biographical story as it does not come across clearly to the viewers who do not know anything about Hitler's final days. One more reason why one fails to connect is because Indian faces have been used to play the character of Hitler, Eva and even for the French and Russian soldiers. The side concurrent story of the soldier doesn't work at all.

Gandhi To Hitler looks at Hitler's downfall, his last days when everybody deserted him and only his love Eva Braun and his trusted aide Joseph Goebbels stood by him when Germany crumbled into pieces. Though the intentions of Gandhi To Hitler are right and it spreads the message of peace, the execution of the plot fails to create the impact. The first hour of the film is messed up, but the post-interval portions are bit rhythmic leaving a scene or two. However, the cinematography (Fuwad Khan) of the film is the sole thing that stands out.

Raghuvir Yadav fails to look his part and is uncomfortable with dialogues in English. Neha Dhupia is less exposed. Aman Verma is decent and Lucky Vakharia okay. Nalin Singh, Nikita Anand, Bhupesh Kumar Pandey and Avijit Dutt (as Mahatma Gandhi) are okay.

Over all Gandhi To Hitler fails to connect.

Cast & Crew

Starring:              Raghubir Yadav, Neha Dhupia, Aman Verma
Director:              Rakesh Ranjan Kumar
Producer:             Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma
Screenplay:         Rakesh Ranjan Kumar
Story:                   Nalin Singh, Rakesh Ranjan Kumar
Music:                   Arvind-Lyton
Cinematography: Fuwad Khan
Editor:                  Shree Narayan Singh

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