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Kucch Luv Jaisaa Review – Dull and boring

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Director Barnali Ray Shukla has come up with a cool storyline about a married couple with diverse personalities. It started off with some good scenes that gave impression of leading into something exciting but the director failed to deliver the goods as the film progresses.

The film opens with a song which aptly captures the diminishing chemistry of a married couple, over the years, in a swift transition mode. How one wishes debutante director Barnali Ray Shukla could show the same alacrity throughout the film, which sadly turns into a lethargic lesson into nothingness.

Madhu Saxena (Shifaali Shah) is married but the love life with her husband starts dying down as time passes by. Her husband (Sumit Raghavan), who has been taking her for granted, happens to forget her birthday (February 29), which comes only once in four years. She is left disappointed.

Then she meets Raghav (Rahul Bose), a criminal on the run. She mistakes him for a detective and decides to celebrate her birthday with him. They turn really close since then, but life changes as truth starts unraveling bit by bit. The rest of the story is on how they come to terms with truth.

One will certainly expect some exciting turn of events from this contrasting couple but the poor script and direction spoiled it all. The film turned stagnant after a certain point and the silly twist and fake pursuit test one"s patience. Lead actors also end up with unimpressive performances – blame it on poor script. Shifaali is no doubt a good actor but she is not convincing this time. Rahul Bose doesn"t look comfortable in a gangster role. Sumit Raghavan has done his part well but he has not much scope in the film. Neetu Chandra too is not impressive.

On the whole, Kucch Luv Jaisaa turns out to be dull and a boring film.

Director  : Barnali Ray Shukla

Cast        : Rahul Bose, Shifaali Shah, Neetu Chandra, Sumeet Raghavan, Manmeet Singh, Kunal                             Kumar, Amin Hajee

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