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      Bol Bachchan Movie Review: Get ready for a laughter ride!

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      Director Rohit Shetty, known for slapstick cinema like the Golmaal series and All The Best: The Fun Begins, is once again ready to take the audience on another laughter ride with Bol Bachchan. The film, starring Ajay Devgn, Abhishek Bachchan, Asin and Prachi Desai, has hit the theatres today. Bol Bachchan is expected to give you all the entertainment and masala, and promises a great deal of laughter as expected from a typical Rohit Shetty style flicks.

      What is it all about?

      Bol Bachchan is the story of Abbas Ali (Abhishek Bachchan), a resident of Karol Bagh, New Delhi. He stays there with his sister Sania (Asin) and they are legally fighting to get the title of their ancestral property. But, the odds turn against them and they lose the case. Their well-wisher, Shastri Chacha, advises and convinces them to migrate to his village Ranakpur and assures Abbas that he will get him a job at his owner's place. And the owner is none other than the powerful Prithviraj Raghuvanshi (Ajay Devgn).

      Abbas accidentally falls prey to an indistinct situation which makes him lie about his name in front of the villagers in Ranakpur. Hence, a series of cover-ups, goof-ups and comic situations comes up, where to cover one lie, Abbas starts padding up with a bigger lie telling people that he also has a twin brother with no moustache. And then, starts the real story. Abbas lands up working as a supervisor with the lie hater Prithviraj. Destiny plays a cruel role and forces Abbas to perpetrate a bundle of lies in front of Prithiviraj. What happens next? Will Prithviraj ever come to know about Abbas' real identity and his lie? Watch out the film to know more.

      Firstly, Bol Bachchan is sure to astonish the masses through its marvellous cinematography. It gives you a rich desi village flavour, based on a Rajasthani backdrop setting. The vibrant colour and scenic beauty add to the overall look and feel of the film. The film starts on an average note, but later picks up its pace, after Abbas Ali (Abhishek) shifts to Ranakpur.

      Performances: Abhishek Bachchan in two different and unique avatar is a slap on the faces of his critics. He keeps you in splits throughout. The real fun starts after Abhishek transforms himself as a gay dancer, Abbas. He repeats his much-appreciated gay avatar of Dostana in Bol Bachchan. A poor, helpless Abbas, has no other option, except to continue a lie after another to save his skin in front of the 'Pehelwaan' Prithviraj. It's a treat to watch out Abhishek's topsy-turvy journey of a single person acting as two different entities.

      Prithviraj Raghuvanshi (Ajay Devgn) is just outstanding. Devgn's power-pack performance as a strong, dumb-headed and English speaking addict Prithviraj, is sure to make you roll on the grounds with laughter. Ajay's character tries hard to speak in English, but ends up making funny and disastrous HINGLISH proverbs. He translates the Hindi proverbs like 'Bagal mein chhora aur sheher mein dhindora' to 'Boy under armpit and hypercity noise pollution', and 'Tujhe paakar meri chhaati aur bhi choudi ho gayi hai' to 'My chest has become blouse'.

      Asin does an average job in the film. She plays a sweet, kind-hearted Sania Bachchan. But, Prachi Desai fails to make an impact in the movie. Though she was good, her performance somehow fails to put up to the competition against the other comedy gurus in the film. A grand salute goes to the stellar performers like the jawaani obsessed Archana Puran Singh, Asrani and Krushna Abhishek. Krushna Abhishek seems to have mastered the art of making people cackle and that's what he proves in the film. And, finally talking about the suspicious Maakhan aka Neeraj Vohra, the man definitely needs a standing ovation.

      Positives: Witty one liners showcasing Ajay's linguistics brilliance in the movie. The film offers a good dose of over the top action. Ajay makes an impact with his larger than life screen presence.

      Negatives: Music is a disaster. Bol Bachchan falls at the second hour. It has a few glitches, and fails to make you laugh at times. Especially, the starting of the movie doesn't impress us at all.

      Verdict: On the whole, Bol Bachchan won't disappoint you. You are going to watch comedy, drama, lots of comic action and flying cars! Devgn's witty dialogues would definitely leave you yelling, whistling, giggling and applauding in the theatres. The film takes the audience on a roller coaster ride that will leave them roar with laughter.

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