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      Cocktail: Movie Review

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      The day has finally arrived for us to grab a taste of the much-awaited Cocktail. Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone starrer Cocktail, directed by Homi Adajania releases today. Cocktail, as the title itself suggests, is a colourful and entertaining mix of three refreshingly different characters. And, with all the hypes and positive vibes surrounding Cocktail, it gives us the indication that the movie has lots stored in for the yuppie crowd.

      Story: The movie opens with the ever flirtatious Gautam (Saif Ali Khan) in a flight, who doesn't even miss a chance to get close to hot women around. But, that's not a surprise to us as we are well-aware of Saifu's old casanova avatar. We also get introduced to Meera (Diana Penty), the sweet, petite lady, who gets dumped by her husband Kunal (Randeep Hooda). And, then finally, enters the most wanted hottie Veronica (Deepika Padukone), whose never seen, smashing avatar is sure to captivate millions. Things turn better for the helpless Meera after she meets the wild cat Veronica, who gives her shelter at her home. Though poles apart, in terms of character, the two females start staying under the same roof in London. Gautam, who gets a dream job in London, too moves in with them, under the same roof. The film beautifully defines enjoyable, entertaining and entangled friendships along with bitter turmoils that friends can go through. Though different from each other, these three are perfect friends, staying under one roof. They all have a blast, until love happens. The perfect friendship turns confusing, and love becomes complicated. But, with whom does Gautam finally ends up - Is it going to be Veronica or Meera, or will they all live together? Watch the movie to know the suspense.

      Performances: Saif Ali Khan, even at 40, carries his boyish charm effortlessly and skilfully, and woos the two hotties in the film. He looks absolutely well-groomed, especially his sexy stubble and ruffled hair lend his character a much-needed edginess. Though he looks a little older as compared to the two young ladies, Chhote Nawaab pulls the role of a 20-year-old perfectly and fits the bill too. The best sequence was when Saif, in a bizarre female's attire, hopped and danced on Katrina Kaif's 'Sheila Ki Jawaani' along with his two roommates, until his mom (Dimple Kapadia) discovers him in such a frenzy and lunatic state.

      Cocktail is sure a dream debut for Diana Penty. Diana, who plays a sweet, desi girl, does get her Hindi dialogues correct in the movie, which is a big hindrance these days for many actresses, who are trying to make it big. Also, the girl is a treat to watch. In one word, any man will just fall in love with her.

      And finally, have you ever seen a girl, who doesn't mind urinating in a moving car, or using her roommate's toothbrush to brush her own teeth, or roaming around the house without wearing pants. Sounds crazy? Well, that's the best way we can define, the gorgeous, wayward Veronica (Deepika). In one word, Deepika is the show stealer, who receives "mota juicy cheques" every month from her rich parents and spends lavishly in London's Royal bars. Dippy as Veronica in the film, is seen in a full hip and happening mood throughout. Though a bold, wayward leggy lass, you would just love to watch out Ms Padukone in the movie. Her super-sexy, junglee entry will not only making many heads turn, but her improved acting skills too needs a thumps up.

      Positives: The look, peppy music and the feel-good factor in Cocktail will go down extremely well with the audiences. Saif, Deepika, Boman Irani, Dimplae Kapadia delivers marvellous performances. And if the music and look is not enough to tempt you, the dialogues work as an added enticement. A few scenes make you smile and laugh. Dimple Kapadia, the desi, Indian mom, wants her son Saif to get married soon. On the other hand, Gautam is completely not interested in marriage, the dialogues explains his sorrow comically. That's just hilarious to watch. We also crack up when Gautam's mom chides Deepika for not dressing appropriately.

      Negatives: Saif's constant flirtatious habit is at times too irritating and, also an overdose. The movie slows down in the second half. Diana makes blunder in the emotional and "rona dhona" sequences. She is more a "desi-abala naari", who at times, fails to do justice to her role. In short, Deepika's presence and never before seen performance overshadows Diana in the film. Second half is dull and sometimes complicated. Also, the entire theme of the movie is a no new story to us. We expect something new and better.

      Music: Music is just 'WOW'. The foot tapping, peppy number 'Tumhi Ho Bandhu' is fast becoming an anthem for youngsters. And, 'Daru Desi', an innovative desi friendship number is already a rage. Pritam's music is captivating, that leaves you refreshed.

      Verdict: On the whole, Cocktail is colourful, fascinating and attention-grabbing. Though the movie suffers a few loopholes, but, you definitely can't ignore the threesome magic of Saif-Dippy-Diana.

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