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Jism 2: Movie Review

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"Love is addictive, nothing works beyond it," Doesn't it sound like a Devdas version? Well, the same happens in Pooja Bhatt's much-awaited movie Jism 2, which has hit the theatres today. Jism 2, featuring Sunny Leone, Arunoday Singh and Randeep Hooda, has been making headlines ever since it was conceptualised. The hype and hullabaloo over this erotic thriller too is quite obvious, since it has "Sunny Leone" in it. So, does Jism 2 live up to our expectations?

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Story: Izna, a porn star (Sunny Leone) spends a night with an intelligence officer Ayaan Thakur (Arunoday Singh) at a five-star hotel. But, she doesn't realise that it's a cold-blooded plan by Ayaan and his team. He hires Izna for a mission. She is entrusted the responsibility of luring a criminal Kabir (Randeep Hooda). But, while doing so, Sunny has to confront her bitter-sweet past. Also, things take a further twist and she is forced to make an impossible choice - One that will put her own life in double jeopardy. Doesn't the plot sound a known one? Well, you are reading it right. Jism 2 shares few similarities with Emraan Hashmi, Kangna Ranaut starrer film Gangster.

Performances: Talking about star performances, Randeep Hooda is a good actor, but the poor fellow wastes his acting talent. Witnessing Randeep's character, it looks like the actor is strictly following Amitabh Bachchan's "Main aur meri tanhaayi" kind of agenda. The "harmless" criminal is confined in his own world, where he dreams only and only about his love Izna (Sunny Leone), as if he has no other job in this world.

Arunoday Singh plays a hunky, brainless officer, who adds nothing good to save the film. In fact, his funny and weird dialogues add up more to the movie's downfall. Especially, how can one forget the so-called "emotional bedroom scene", where Singh will be seen weeping in front of Leone? Arunoday's expressions will make you roll on the grounds with laughter. It was evident that Arunoday tried to make a serious, strict and a tough cop, but somehow he fails.

The Bhatts have given Sunny Leone ample chances to prove herself as a good actress. And trust me, she did it! Many of us thought that a porn star can't do anything worth out of her bedroom. But, Ms Leone proves us wrong. She did a good job in Jism 2. She looks extremely hot and no other actress can beat her on the 'sex' quotient. Arif Zakaria as a senior officer was a complete waste.

Positives: Jism 2 music is impressive, as always the Bhatt champ is known for churning out hit soundtracks. The film is specially designed for Sunny to let her do all seducive acts and deliver some good acting. There are few titillating skin shows by Sunny Leone, that is sure to raise the temperatures.

Negatives: The films badly suffers many loopholes. Jism 2 lacks a concrete and sensible plot. Many sequences in the movie are complete illogical. Example: The movie starts with a mission, but reaches nowhere at the end. The film is about how a seductress entraps a criminal with lust and finally hands him over to the Government. Despite sensing hints of danger, Randeep goes on protecting Sunny and chants his same irritating dialogue, "Tumhari galti nahi hai Izna". The question is, why Randeep was kept alive till the end, when there were several chances where he could have been easily killed?

Direction: Direction was the most pathetic part in the film. After delivering four major flops consecutively at the Box Office, many of us felt that this time, Pooja Bhatt will surely do something new. But, after watching Jism 2, we can't take the risk to believe in Pooja's direction and movies anymore.

Verdict: The plot of Jism 2 is somewhat same, even the climax too is a copy of Gangster. The first half of the movie is a complete disaster. Every scene is too slow and monotonous. There comes a point where you might suffer a severe headache and expect something better in the second half. But, the second half is even worse. The plot has nothing new in it. Jism 2 is not even worth a one-time watch. If you are keen to watch it, go ahead at your own risk and waste your money!

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