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      Action Jackson Movie Review: Punishes Painfully!


      Director: Prabhu Deva

      Cast: Ajay Devgn, Yami Gautam, Sonakshi Sinha, Manasvi Mamgai, Anand Raj, Sonu Sood

      Action Jackson the ambitious project of Prabhu Deva releases Today. Ajay Devgn is back again with another action genre this year after his Singham Returns. Action Jackson has created an uproar among audience from the time the trailer was out. Story:

      Keeping the audience glued to their seats till the very end of the movie is something a good script must do. And the character portrayed should convince the audience fully is something a good actor must do.

      Ajay Devgn has nailed these two in his two decade long career in Bollywood. In Singham Returns, Ajay played a super cop which became a massive hit this year. In Action Jackson, he plays the role of a crook. Rohit Shetty and Ajay Devgn pair have always worked wonders.

      Will this first time pairing of Prabhu Deva and Ajay Devgn with Action Jackson work wonder at the Box Office? For Prabhu Deva, Sonakshi Sinha has always been a lucky charm. We hope that follows with Action Jackson as well.


      The story is about a small time crook (Ajay Devgn) who gets entangled with a relentless girl who believes that AJ will bring her good luck. The consequences of their relationship forms the crux.

      If you readers think that Ajay Devgn is back again with his action genre, then beware! The film is of course an action genre but it painstakingly kills the audience. In that sense, yes! it is an action adventure.

      Action Jackson is all about Ajay Devgn and his emotional story (ahem!) yes, we are talking emotions here. The villain of the film Anand Raj who makes the debut in Bollywood is such a dumb wit that he will do anything his sister asks.

      Manasvi Mamgai plays the sister character. She is sexy, sultry and seductive Marina. She literally doesn't breathe but only heaves and sighs seductively for silly reasons.

      Marina is in love with AJ who is already married hence unavailable. But Marina doesn't bother, if she sets her eyes on a person, she will attain whatever it takes. Here, wife is the obstruction and hence the villain brother sends people to kill her every other month (Like really???)

      All the punch dialogues of Ajay Devgn have been royally flicked from Salman Khan's movie, it is very sad that Ajay Devgn has to deliver such pathetic dialogues like 'no commitment, no appointment, only punishment, aaya toh dil mein, warna dimaag mein bhi nahi."

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      Prabhu Deva and Sonakshi Sinha combination might have worked wonders at Box Office earlier but that doesn't mean she has to give us mind-numbing acting.

      Sonakshi Sinha is so unlucky in life that she reaches office very late (how very sad!), she doesn't get tickets for her favourite movie (oh! that's heartbreaking), the most unluckiest thing that can happen in her life is when her soup is so salty. Everything changes and her luck is back when she sees Ajay Devgn's errrr Crotch!

      Yes, this lady makes every attempt to look into his crotch to get some luck in her life. Prabhu Deva is back with Action Jackson and only the actor has changed but everything else remains the same as his Wanted, R...Rajkumar. The sword fights might be new in Action Jackson but it is very gory to see Ajay Devgn thrusting it into somebody's mouth to bring his intestine out.

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      Yami Gautam who has very less screen space and a romantic number 'Dhoom Dhaam' with Ajay is ok in her acting after her flop show in Total Siyappa, this is refreshing.

      Manasvi Mamgai who has tried her best in acting just doesn't score in any way. Sonakshi Sinha is just another eye candy and has done as told by her favourite director Prabhu Deva.

      Ajay Devgn who scored brownie points with his Singham Returns this year has tried his best to be a gangster but has fallen flat on face. He has tried his best in dancing too which must have been a painstaking process for Prabhu Deva as a choreographer.

      And if your idea of good music is songs like Keeda, Chichora Piya and Surya ast Punjabi mast, then Himesh Reshammiya will win your heart, otherwise you know what, let me just give this music part of the review a miss.

      Action Jackson kills the audience too just like he kills all those people in the film with his sword. So please give this movie a miss in big screen unless you are newly wedded couple (wink wink) or an insomniac.

      Ajay Devgn

      Ajay Devgn

      Ajay Devgn and Yami Gautam pair is refreshing to see. Yami has a very typical character who loves AJ.

      Sonakshi Sinha

      Sonakshi Sinha

      Sonakshi Sinha looks good, lost some weight, dances well, acts as instructed other than that no major scope for her in the film.

      Ajay And Sonakshi

      Ajay And Sonakshi

      Ajay Devgn has really tried his hands on dancing. Every time he wants to hit somebody, he dances as well.

      Ajay And Yami

      Ajay And Yami

      Action Jackson has a lot of surprise factor, like for example, Ajay Devgn has a doppelgänger and he is called AJ.

      Prabhu Deva

      Prabhu Deva

      Prabhu Deva has added all the usual masala for making it an entertainer. However, he has missed horribly ojn background score which just annoys the audience.

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