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      Chaarfutiya Chhokare Movie Review


      CAST Soha Ali Khan, Harsh Mayar, Seema Biswas, Mukesh Tiwari, Suhas Sirsat, Umesh Jagtap

      DIRECTOR Manish Harishankar


      The plot revolves around Neha Malini (Soha Ali Khan), who is an NRI girl returning to India to start a school in a village in north Bihar. She starts off happily with her endeavour unaware of hardships and risks awaiting in the small village.

      Neha is very happy to meet the three boys Awadhesh, Hari and Gorakh in the village but soon finds out they are no less than a nightmare. The boys are hardcore criminals and become the center of her activities. Neha vows to stop the criminal and sexual exploitation of the children in the village after seeing these boys.

      Meeting the mother of one of the boys, Awadhesh, helps her understand the deeply embedded political-criminal nexus that pervades the system. Mother Janaki is played by Seema Biswas. Neha is determined to free the boys from the world of crime.

      Will she handle the risk? Will she rescue the boys or get deeply involved in the bad world makes the rest of the story.


      Though the script is very powerful, Chaarfutiya Chhokare just fails to appeal the audience. The sensitive topic on child trafficking have been dealt in recent films like Mardaani, Lakshmi, debutante director Manish Harishankar fails to deliver it effectively.

      First half is dragged enough with preachy dialogues, values till the interval with audience hoping to get some interesting twist in the story at least in the second half which fails miserably.

      In spite of the presence of talented actors like Seema Biswas and Soha Ali Khan, the film doesn't impress much. The cliched storytelling, editing glitches makes the film a drab. Chaarfutiya Chhokare fails to create that mood and when one needs to be tense, the seriousness of the situation is just not felt.

      It's very unbelievable to see little kids wield guns, shoot people and escape so easily. Every scene is so predictable and so is the climax.

      Though the powerful script about child trafficking, child labour and the intention to raise the awareness is applauded, it is not delivered properly.


      Director Manish Harishankar with a powerful script and talented cast has not done a good job to be applauded in any way. Avoid watching it in big screen and save your money!

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