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      Citylights Movie Review: Tale To Make You Stressed Yet Impressed


      One poor yet happy village family comprising of two spouses and a child head towards the city of dreams, Mumbai for a better living. However, the city of dreams turns out to be somewhat like a nightmare for the family.

      The movie Citylights starring Rajkummar Rao and Patralekha released today and this is what the flick is based on and though, the storyline seems quite a common one but it surely has a lot of freshness and a true reflection of the dark reality.

      To unfold some shades of the movie Citylights, Rajkummar Rao (Deepak) and his wife Patralekha (Rakhi) live a simple life with their little daughter Mahi at a village in Rajasthan. The sweet little family is blessed with all the abstract necessities like love and care for each other but things started getting bad for the trio when Rajkummar loses his small shop due to his inability to pay off the debtors.

      Having a Mumbaiwala friend's phone number in hand, Rajkummar and Patralekha then decide to go to Mumbai taking their daughter in hope of better days but things go even worse. With no trace of the friend in Mumbai, the couple struggle to get any work or even a shelter until Patralekha meets with a bar dancer who somehow manages a dwelling for the struggling family, besides a job for Patralekha in the bar.

      Eventually, Rajkummar also gets hold of a job as a security guard in a cash transporting agency. When, things started to look okay for the loving family, Rajkummar's associate in the agency (Manav Kaul) offers Rajkummar with a master plan to get rich overnight. Well, to know whether Rajkummar resists the enticement or he falls prey to greed, you have to watch the flick.

      The film Citylights which is supposed to be an adaptation of the English hit, Metro Manila is true and original in it's essence. And the most refreshing part of the film is that Hansal Mehta did not ponder upon the typical 'happy ending' funda of Bollywood and rather stressed on the dark but real side of a metro city.

      Although, the flick at one point of time seems a little sluggish and stretchy in it's approach but Citylights comprising of love, emotions, struggle, values, betrayal and greed has it all to make you impressed and to some extent positively stressed too seeing the plight of the otherwise happy family.

      Rajkummar Rao as expected completely lives up to the expectation with his superb acting, and Patralekha also did all justice to her character with little lesser scope than her male counterpart. The little girl too was excellent with her inbuilt innocence while, Manav Kaul and his on screen wife Sadia Siddique also exhibited their talent to the core with whatever little scope they had.

      Apart from the brilliant storytelling and superb performance from all ends, Citylights also is blessed with some good music sense.

      All in all, Hansal Mehta's Citylights starring Rajkumar Rao and Patralekha is a delight to watch and even though it might make you saddened by virtue of it's tragic tale, Citylights will surely leave you with the words in your mind, "Great movie yaar...!"

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