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Highway - Movie Review: A Rare, Fantastic Movie

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Highway, directed by Imtiaz Ali, is an interesting and unconventional road movie. A young city girl goes for a ride on the highway at night with her fiance. They are about to get married in four days. Suddenly, her life turns upside-down when she is abducted by a gang when they stop at a gas station. Even though the gang leader knows the seriousness of the situation, he still decides not to let go of the girl. As days pass by, the girl and the oppressor starts developing a bond.

Highway is a film which reflects a genuinely different, unique vision of life to audience and can even be called as a Avant-garde attempt of Bollywood. This film travels a very different path from beginning to end. Highway is highly dramatic and some scenes are marred with high melodrama that audience started to boo at them.

But director Imtiaz Ali, with a definite courage shows the B-Town biggies that there is a world outside Mumbai. Actually film reflects that the real India is out of Mumbai. Highway is about a coincidental escape of an individual to the caressing mother nature. She travels through remote villages with her Kidnapper with no intent of reaching a destination. She finds pleasure in the journey, which is very much a Lao Tzu theory of travel. One can say that this approach can be called as 'enlightenment through travel'. Veera, presented by Alia Bhatt, travels through Indian rural villages and it eventually leads her to self realisation.

Alia Bhatt, in career defining performance, delivers the best that is expected from the director. Imtiaz's casting is just fantastic. Randeep Hooda, an actor who was lost in the dirty pile of cliché, semi porn films has made a great come back to the real cinema through Highway.

The film depicts the story of Veera, a rich kid from Delhi and how she finds her ultimate freedom in bondage. There is a strong under current of environmentalism and anti-commercialism in the film. It trashes the attitude the bloodless business class and their social pretenses. Alia deserves all the awards of the year for her performance as she was just not playing the character, but she was just being the character. Alia has no make up in the film and she comes without nail polish or lipstick, but she looks very beautiful even without all these beauty enhancing crutches. She proves that honest performance is all that matters in cinema. Our experienced female actors in B-Town has to learn a lot from this young lady.

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This is Imtiaz Ali's Ultimate Show

As everybody knows that the film is a remake of Imtiaz Ali's own Rishtey series, everything in the first half is predictable. Second half of the film comprises of Veera and Mahabir's journey. A director's talent is often proved through the way he handles dialogues-less, abstract scripts.

Telling Story Through Visuals

In Highway, Imtiaz Ali proved that he has a refined understanding of the medium. Especially, the second half doesn't have much dialogues and the whole story is conveyed through the beautiful blend of visuals and background music. While anyone can easily make a dialogue driven film, only a talented director can make film that speaks with its visuals.

Rare Scenic And Strange Locations

I am sure no other Indian films would have pictured the kind of scenic and strange locations seen in this film. Director Imtiaz Ali scores again in choosing these exotic locations to tell his story. These locations actually become the characters in the movie and helps the narrative to a great extent.

AR Rahman Hits The Bull's Eye

In music department, AR Rahman has made a great comeback through Highway and his 'Patakha Gudi' and 'Sooha Saha' have taken the movie to a different level that those songs have becomes its greatest strength. 'Sooha Saha' is a beautiful lullaby sung by Alia Bhatt herself and she sounded like a very talented singer too.

Background Music And Visuals Make For A Great Treat

The songs and background music helps to blend the scenes together. In total, this is a beautiful film about human enlightenment and seeing the beauty in all things around us. Film suggests the audience to lead a more fulfilling life by expressing themselves in the way they want to.

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