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      O Teri - Movie Review


      This Atul-Alvira Agnihotri production is marketed using the Salman Khan factor, but it seems the Dabangg Khan tag is not helping the film. The film, ridden with plot holes, has a non-inspiring script and very fake performances from lead actors.

      In Bollywood, most actors believe that doing comedy is that to deliver some buffoonery and the result is films like O Teri. Among actors, Bilal Amrohi delivers worst performance. Whenever he appears on screen, he alone manages to destroy the scene to the most possible extent.

      The film also tries to cash in on the election fever, inserting the plot lines of scams and frauds that rocked the country before an year. Even though the film is an issue based film, it is treated very irresponsibly. O Teri tells the story of junior journos, enacted by Pulkit Samrat and Bilal Amrohi, who are working in a major news channel in Delhi. They are in search of a huge scam so that they can show their talent to their team lead, played by Sarah Jane Dias.

      O Teri, even when mimicking the themes of Kundan Shah's classic Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro faintly, doesn't create a nostalgia of any sorts in terms of story telling and well-written characters. The plot of the film is borrowed from umpteen numbers of real life incidents that pop up in news papers every now and then.

      Even when the story has a lot of scope for exploring the dark side of Indian politics, writers or director didn't even care to develop it in the right way. As it comes to performances, Pulkit Samrat is the best in cast list, while Anupam Kher also scores in his antagonist rule.

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