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      Pizza 3D Film Review: Stale Pizza


      Those of you who have watched the original Pizza in Tamil will have a massive let down except for the fact that this remake is made in 3D and that too not utilised properly!

      Cast and Crew:

      Akshay Oberoi - As Kunal the Pizza delivery boy

      Parvathy Omanakuttan - As Nikita, Kunal's wife and horror story writer

      Dipannita Sharma and Arunoday Singh


      Akshay Akkineni



      Kunal, the pizza delivery boy who is married to a horror thriller story writer Nikita is a happily married man until he goes to a haunted house to deliver pizza and starts experiencing the ramblings and thoughts of the ghosts which his wife Nikita keeps talking about.

      Kunal loses his peace and calmness when he gets traumatised by the incidents and the experiences. When his wife goes missing he is just confused and depressed. Is she possessed by the spirits, dead or trapped in the same haunted house and how Kunal finds her is the story.


      The script is a solid base, while the remake doesn't come anywhere close to the original. First time director Akshay Akkineni has delivered his best. Though the film is all about 3D , it has not been utilised at it's best.

      Pizza 3D has all the things a horror flick has to offer, from the eerie quietness, spooky laughter, doors creaking to not missing any of the factors a horror flick has to have! But, strangely, the spookiness is not enough and the scary feeling that you get while watching a horror thriller is missing when you watch Pizza 3D.

      There are a few bloopers or let's call blunders in the screenplay. Despite knowing there is a ghost in a room, why will anybody venture? It gets boring after a point when we start predicting the next scene. Restless before the climax reaches and i started to think, 'Oh! I shouldn't have wasted my time on this film.'

      Overall, when the film ends, there is nothing that makes you feel good watching this fim in the big screen.

      Was this feeling because of the same boring sound effects in any horror film or is it because of the way the story is said? Maybe, I expected too much from this remake while I enjoyed watching the original in Tamil, Pizza 3D is a major let down.

      I suggest this movie would be best watched at your own house curled up in your couches with lots of popcorn for distraction!

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