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      PK Movie Viewers' Review


      I am not a big Aamir Khan fan but I must say after watching PK movie, I am in awe of the actor. It is seriously not an easy task for any actor to portray that look through out the film, not blink once, enact every expression with eyebrows raised.

      Aamir Khan is truly a terrific actor. This is by far his best performance till and there is no arguing that. Rajkumar Hirani's five years of efforts have bared it's fruits with the PK movie.

      The film opens in the desert of Rajasthan where a naked alien (Aamir Khan) alights from a spaceship looking lost and forlorn. He belongs to a planet where clothing is unheard of and words as we earthlings know them are redundant because its inhabitants need nothing more than pure thoughts to communicate.

      A theft leaves him stranded and the extra-terrestrial begins a search for the remote control device that he needs to communicate with his spaceship. His adventures on earth bring him in contact with a jovial Rajasthani band master Bhairon Singh (Sanjay Dutt), a spunky television journalist Jaggu Sahni (Anushka Sharma), and a greedy head of a religious cult, Tapasvi Maharaj (Saurabh Shukla).

      He learns how to survive on our hostile planet, but what he imparts to those he meets along the way is far more valuable than anything that the latter can give him. PK is a film that is marked by purity of vision and precision of storytelling. It is funny, feel-good and thought-provoking.

      Most of the viewers have liked what they saw barring a few who have called the movie disappointing. They feel the anticipation that was built up for the movie was too much and PK doesn't deliver what the audiences expected.

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      Check out what the viewers actually think about the movie.


      Rajkumar Hirani is back in the multiplexes after a five-year hiatus and the wait has been worth it. PK, the writer-director's fourth directorial venture, is a wonderful piece of cinema that, pretty much like his much-loved Munnabhai films, blends heart and head with commendable mastery.


      PK is a fearless critique of religious bigotry and the ways of India's proliferating Godmen, but the film's message is shorn of rancour and bitterness. It is instead cloaked in humanity and humour, which accentuates its impact no end.


      The screenplay, written by Hirani and Abhijat Joshi, takes make-believe elements on one hand and draws upon the realities of our times on the other to deliver a fantasy so unique and original that it takes your breath away.

      PK Story

      PK delivers an entertaining tale that touches upon the social and political ills that plague us but it does so without falling out of line with the need to keep the story simple and straightforward.

      God Fearing Indian People

      PK is a film that restores one's faith in the much maligned Bollywood idiom. It demonstrates that the so-called clichéd conventions of Mumbai's popular cinema can, in hands as able as Hirani's, yield entertainment of the very highest pedigree.


      The villain in PK isn't your average Bollywood baddie. He is a godman who thrives on the incredulity of his followers, but when confronted with the prospect of being shamed on the set of a television show, he does not unleash a battery of goons as such characters are wont to do in a Hindi movie.

      PK Film

      PK is, after all, a Rajkumar Hirani film, and nothing that it delivers hinges on devices that have done to death.

      Ranbir Kapoor

      It springs surprises at every turn, not the least among of which is a very special appearance by Ranbir Kapoor.

      Entertaining Movie

      This is an absolutely unmissable mass entertainer, if ever there has been one. It is unlikely that you will ever be more entertained and more enlightened – both at the same time – by a Bollywood film.

      Karan Johar

      PK yet again proves that Rajkumar Hirani is the best director of our's undoubtedly Aamir Khans best performance to date....#PK

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