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Shaadi Ke Side Effects - Movie Review

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Shaadi Ke Side Effects, directed by debutante Saket Chaudhary, and starring Vidya Balan and Farhan Akhtar has been one of the most anticipated films of the month.  But this film, for sure, is not winner. A film, which lacks depth and direction, Shaadi Ke Side effects falls flat. The writer of Shaadi Ke Side Effects recently said that many refused to make this film, hinting that the film is revolutionary. But each and every scene looks like they are taken from every other film and one might not need even a day to finish the script!
Shaadi Ke Side Effects

This , basically, is a sad story of a man who can never be himself because he wants to lead a married life. The very first scene of the film begins in a pub, thanks to film's brand partner Bacardi. There Farhan and Vidya meets as strangers and check into a hotel. Manager calls Farhan to say that it is not ‘that type' hotel. To his surprise, Farhan replies that she is his wife and they do these kinds of strange meetings to keep their marriage life alive. To this, the manager, who has never seen this gentleman before, confesses that his own marriage life is messy.

This is a film where every stranger bumps into the hero and opens up their mind, revealing even their most personal things - even about the depth of their relationship with wives! This ‘trying hard to be funny film' is ultimately about how to save one's marriage.  Recent films like Highway tell us to be more real and be ourselves in life but Shaadi Ke Side Effects tells its audience to pretend all their life to be married forever!

The writer somehow managed to come up with the lamest comic scenes Bollywood has ever seen, in the first half. Farhan Akhtar is not delivering a convincing, impressive act but is over acting most times in this direction-less movie. Scenes don't have a progression of sorts but are a pile of random scenes put together. All of these scenes remind us of the same situations we have seen in many cliché American comedies.

As an actor Vidya Balan is not grown too far because she plays the same person in every film irrespective of what character she plays. There is not even a slightest effort to make the character look or behave unique. The chemistry between Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan is good. And to add a note, Bollywood has no understanding of how people live in India! Farhan's character is an out of work musician in the film. But he has a grand home, goes abroad even when his wife does not have a job! I am not sure whether this is Farhan's attempt to be the conventional Bollywood rom com hero. Last time, it was Abhay Deol in One By Two, and now it's Farhan.

This film doesn't have any conflict or drama that usually makes a film interesting. Even you go for a coffee break, nothing will be missed because scenes don't move much and they are always the same. If you are a Farhan Akhtar or Vidya Balan fan, you may be able to sit through this.

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