Calendar Girls Movie Review: Madhur Fails To Impress With Overdose Of Skin Show


    Calendar Girls is not just about skin show says director Madhur Bhandarkar! But while there are a whole lot of elements at play in the movie, a whole lot of skin show does happen. Madhur has created a niche for himself, for making films on varied topics, showing the real side marred with little fantasy, like Jail, Traffic, Page 3, Fashion etc. So is Calendar Girls movie like the way you expect it to be? Has Madhur impressed us once again with his debutante actresses? Or has he failed? Read the movie review to know.

    Calendar Girls Movie Review: Madhur Fails To Impress With Overdose Of Skin Show

    Cast: Akanksha Puri, Avani Modi, Kyra Dutt, Ruhi Singh and Satarupa Pyne

    Director: Madhur Bhandarkar

    Calendar Girls Plot:

    What's wrong with directors these days? Why is everyone so lazy to come up with new stories? Director Madhur Bhandarkar too has fallen into this category now, for Calendar Girls just seems to remind us of Page 3 and Fashion movie, nothing more.

    Well, coming to the plot. The part of choosing these calendar girls got over in the first 10 mins, then quickly the story fast forwards to three months, showing how each one is doing in their respective career.

    Hyderabad's Nandita (Akanksha Puri) gets bowled over by a rich chap who ends up doing the most cliched thing ever. Second, Pakistan's Nazneen (Avani Modi) who ends up as an escort owing to some unbelievable anti-Pakistan protest. Third calendar girl, Goa's Sharon (Kyra Dutt) who is actually a real life calendar girl, is the only one who ends up with a rather positive life.

    Rohtak's Mayuri (Ruhi Singh) become a typical struggling actress in Bollywood and Kolkata's Paroma (Satarupa Pyne) shows the dark side of cricket and glamour world concoction.

    So there it is! This is what the movie is all about and the climax scene is something we can't reveal.


    Kyra Dutt who is actually a real life Kingfisher calendar girl gives a decent performance, following her close is Ruhi Singh, who does a lot of over acting but probably needed for the role she was playing. Rest of the actresses Akanksha, Avani and Satarupa do a fairly decent job.

    Rohit Roy and Suhel Seth have very small roles, so can't really judge them. Madhur himself has done a cameo scene in the movie and it must be said, he makes for a fairly good actor.


    Direction wise there is not much flaws, but the story is old and predictable. It was very easy to guess the next scene and nothing unpredictable was shown that would end up surprising us in a good way. A whole lot of skin show was shown, but they too were not filmed well and came across very amateurish.

    His previous movies were definitely a lot better than this and somewhere Madhur has ended up getting a little too monotonous when it came to Calendar Girls. As viewers we expected to see a little more reality of the dark side of glamour world and a little more story. Skin show is fine but somewhere along the line, it became only skin show and less story, so much that every next scene or turn in the story we would end up expecting that.


    Calendar Girls is not a drama film but more of a sleazy, super hot but dusted and failed version of Fashion. No recommendation to watch but guys can surely have a good time watching the bikini bods on the big screen.

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