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Drishyam Movie Review: Ajay Devgn-Tabu's Thrilling Performance Keeps You Hooked!

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Drishyam is a tale that has been told in a lot of languages. The movie first released in Malayalam with the same name, then Kannada, Telugu and lastly in Tamil by the name Papanasam, where Kamal Haasan reprised the leading role of the movie.

The Hindi version of the movie has some of the talented actors in its cast, so the only way to truly judge this movie would be on the performances, direction and screenplay. Read on to know if the Hindi Drishyam is worth the watch.

Drishyam Movie Review: Ajay Devgn-Tabu's Thrilling Performance Keeps You Hooked!

Cast: Ajay Devgn, Shriya Saran, Tabu

Director: Nishikant Kamat

Drishyam Plot:

The scene opens with Vijay (Ajay Devgn) sitting in jail! The flashback of the story starts which is based in Goa. Vijay who runs a cable business leads a happy go lucky life along with his wife Nandhini (Shriya Saran) and two daughters.

Vijay who is 4th grade dropout wants to lead his life in the most simplistic manner and of course watching films. He loves movies and is constantly watching them in his office, while his wife who loves him dearly dreams the world for her family. While his daughter goes on a collage trip, owing to some unfortunate events, son of Goa IG goes missing.

His mother Meera Deshmukh (Tabu) is an honest and strict police officer who targets Vijay and his family and alleges that they are responsible for her son missing. The to and fro between Meera and Vijay forms the crux of the story, a thrilling movie that revolves around the missing son.

Drishyam Performances:

Ajay Devgn has given one of the best performances; it has been long since we have seen Ajay essay a different role like this which serves as breath of fresh air for the viewers. Tabu whose versatility has impressed us in all her movies grabs your attention in this movie as well with her tough cop act.

While there are a lot of actors in this movie, your focus goes on Ajay and Tabu. These brilliant actors complement each other in the most perfect way possible.

Shriya Saran who could have used this movie as a comeback vehicle delivers a rather flat performance.

Drishyam Technicalities:

The story is the same so no judgement there. But the screenplay of this movie manages to keep you intrigued and interested in the movie. The first half of the movie is simple with no twists and turns, it is the second half that the viewers have to watch out for.

Nishikant Kamat who won accolades with his Marathi movie Lai Bhaari has done a fab job. Nishikant took a big risk of remaking a movie which has already been made in 4 other languages but his direction is simply brilliant which makes us feel like only he could do justice to this movie.


If you haven't watched Drishyam in any other language then book your tickets immediately and don't miss out watching this thrilling movie.

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