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Piku Review: Touches The Heart Through Stomach

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It is said that simplicity is the ultimate sophisticaton and the movie Piku perfectly validates the saying. Bollywood film-making has pleasantly changed many folds in the recent time and we are lucky to be witnessing that. Gone are the days when it was assumed that the entertainment quotient of any Bollywood movie depends on sex, action, masala and Piku is a fine example of that.

Piku Cast: Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan, Irrfan Khan

Director: Shoojit Sircar

Piku Plot:

Piku is a simple story of a Bengali girl, Deepika Padukone (Piku Banerjee) and her relationship with her father Amitabh Bachchan (Bhaskor Banerjee), who suffers from constipation, both physically and mentally.

Eventually, Deepika gets into a cute romantic relationship with Irrfan Khan (Rana Chaudhury) who owns a cab company. However, Deepika and Irrfan's love story depends on Amitabh Bachchan as Irrfan has to 'adopt' Deepika's ailing father if he wants to marry her (as preconditioned by Deepika).

But the main story of Piku starts when all three of them along with a house-help kick off a road journey from Delhi to Kolkata. The trip made Irrfan know about Deepika and her family more and vice versa which enabled the start of a sweet relationship.

The special bonding that a father and a daughter shares makes the crux of the film which also highlights on a couple of other issues like women empowerment and responsibilty towards parents. Will Deepika be able to lead a life that she wants to? Will Deepika and Irrfan finally get married? Will Amitabh get relieved from his bowel issues? To know all these you have to watch this sweet tale.

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Piku Performances:

Director Shoojit Sircar has picked up three of the finest talents of Bollywood and all of them stood firm to the director's expectations. Deepika Padukone is currently one of the most sought after actresses and there is a reason for that. Apart from her charm and beauty, Deepika can steal away hearts with her acting also and she has proved that again with the movie Piku.

There is absolutely no point in scrutinising Amitabh Bachchan's acting skills as the veteran actor can certainly pull out any role he is offered with and this role of being a constipation patient is no exception. Although, Big B appears to be an irritating old man, his childlike behaviour will simply make you fall in love with him.

Last but not the least, Irrfan Khan is one of the best actors in Bollywood and the director knows this fact. We hardly could imagine Irrfan Khan romancing Deepika Padukone but after you watch their cute chemistry in Piku, your conception will certainly change.

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Piku Positives:

The best thing that makes this film worth watching is the fact that it will make you relate to yourself. All the characters in Piku seem so familiar that you will eventually feel the tale. Moreover, the dialogues are catchy and the performances by Deepika, Irrfan and Amitabh are unrealistically realistic.

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Piku Negatives:

Although, Shoojit Sircar has used his resources to the best way possible, the film gets somewhat too slow at certain points.

Piku Verdict:

Shoojit Sircar's Piku is a simple and funny movie which starts with bowel issues of Amitabh Bachchan, goes through the romance of Deepika and Irrfan, and ends up touching your heart.

Check slider to see different interesting avatars of Deepika in Piku...

Independent Deepika

Deepika Padukone will be seen as an architect in Piku and the picture presents her as a strong independent woman who is very serious about her work.

Confused Deepika

Here Deepika is ready to clean her house but she appears clueless about where she should start cleaning from. This is in complete contrast with the first avatar.

Casual Deepika

Deepika here is seen as a happy go lucky girl, carrying some grocery items and the actress dons a cool casual look in this picture.

Traditional Deepika

And here, Deepika is seen wearing a saree and the intensity in her eyes makes her look much more matured here.

Childlike Deepika

After seeing the intense look of the actress, check Deepika playing a nanny to a friend's daughter and it seems the little girl inside Deepika is enjoying with the friend's daughter.

Responsible Deepika

Deepika not only runs the house but is also a responsible daughter on whom Big B can rely.

Deepika As Girl-Next-Door

Deepika here is seen having a sweet girly look and the actress seems to be immersed in some deep thoughts.

Caring Deepika

Here Deepika is seen taking care of her ailing father who suffers from constipation. Deepika does all that will make Big B feel better.

Angry Deepika

Caring Deepika sometimes turns angry Deepika too when her father does something silly. Here Deepika is scolding her father for a silly act that he did.

Bindass Deepika

Deepika although, leads a busy and responsible life but she is also a normal girl from inside who wants to be happy and enjoy her life.

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