A Flying Jatt Movie Review: A Moviegoer's Worst Nightmare Come True!


    It's been a long time since Bollywood had not come up with superhero films and finally Tiger Shroff has delivered it through A Flying Jatt. Not only is he a superhero, he's also funny, scared and learning new things about himself on the go. The film will make you laugh out loud and instantly connect with the superhero.

    A Flying Jatt, gives a good dosage of comedy, action and dance, as both Tiger Shroff and Jacqueline Fernandez are involved in making the audiences chuckle. The movie, has shown Tiger Shroff in a never seen before avatar.

    A Flying Jatt Movie Review

    Director : Remo D'souza
    Cast : Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandez


    A Flying Jatt is set against the backdrop of the Punjab province, where a young and energetic Tiger Shroff (Aman) leads a simple life as a martial arts teacher at a school.

    An industrialist Kay Kay Menon (Malhotra), faces hard opposition from the people after his factories cause major air pollution. He then, decides to dump all the waste into the river. The only thing that's stopping him from doing so is a 'Holy Tree' which stands at the end of the river,that people worship it all day and night.

    Malhotra hires the mighty Rakha (Nathan Jones) to chop off that tree so he can dump all the industrial waste into the river. At the dawn of night, Rahka arrives with a hacksaw to complete the job but Aman stops him from chopping the holy tree. During the fight, the tree blesses Aman and gives him superhero powers, and the power gets extended to Rakha as well.

    Aman gets terrified and tries to experiment flying and fighting but ends up being a laughing stock. The superhero here, is afraid of heights, fire and gets terrified by various other things, but his intentions are good and wants to safeguard his city from every evil. Rakha, on the other hand misuses his power and wants to take control of the city along with Malhotra, just for their greed.

    Will Rakha and Malhotra manage to destroy the city and pollute it further? How will Aman save the city from the evil clutches of Rakha and Malhotra? For that you will have to hit the theatres!


    Tiger Shroff has pulled off stunts, dance and comedy with ease, but fails to impress the audience with his acting skills. He could have done a much better job, but instead gave out an average performance. Though Tiger has handled everything professionally, and done what has been told, his acting did not leave an impact as the story lacked substance. His comedy scenes can make you chuckle for a while, but then it gets boring. His fight moves are the only thing to watch out for.

    Jacqueline Fernandez looks fabulous has showcased some awesome dance moves, but her role is very minimal and she's nothing but a superhero's heroine having no weightage in the film. Her acting skills are below average and cringeworthy. In fact the movie could run even without her presence. Her romantic side is on full display and she has done justice only to that and nothing else.

    Nathan Jones and Kay Kay Menon have done an excellent job in terms of acting, especially Nathan steals the limelight. He is everything that describes evil, but since the main leads are not upto the mark, the villain fizzles out just like the story of the film.


    The director Remo D'souza, has failed to connect with the audiences and has done a very average job. The plot is very weak and the story loses its direction midway. The transition of Aman from being a simple man to a superhero, could have been intervowen in a better and matured way. In total, Remo's idea of showing the superhero in a funny way has failed miserably. The film is aimless and makes a mockery out of everything.

    The VFX is pretty impressive and they have managed to deliver the unexpected. Though a few fight scenes are shown in a funny way, which kids would love. The graphics are a visual treat and kudos to the film-makers for achieving this feat.


    If you love stunts and good VFX then this film is for you. The kids will surely love all these elements of a funny superhero. Apart from that, the film is boring and you can watch it at your own risk.

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