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      Airlift Movie Review: A Must Watch For Every Indian

      By Priyanka

      Akshay Kumar has somewhere become the face of patriotism today! The actor has been doing many films which showcase his love for the country, like Baby, Holiday, Gabbar and now Airlift.

      Airlift movie is based on the world's biggest evacuation held during the Iraq-Kuwait war. While Air India holds a record for evacuating most people by a civil airline, not many know about Ranjith Katyal, a man who made it all happen.

      Akshay Kumar's intention of doing this movie is just that. While he himself was not aware of the actual incidents till he came across the script of this movie, he wants the entire world to know the man who saved many families and who was left unrecognized when he returned home to his country.

      Will Akshay's intention bare fruit? Will Airlift be a sensational thriller like Baby? Read to find out!

      Airlift Movie Review: Akshay Kumar's Best Performance & Film Ever

      Cast: Akshay Kumar, Nimrat Kaur

      Director: Raja Krishna Menon

      Airlift Plot:

      Airlift plot is not a secret but the way it has been executed and shown grips you so hard that you wouldn't like to miss a scene!

      Akshay Kumar plays the role of Ranjith Katyal, a rich politically well-connected Indian businessman, his wife Amrita (Nimrat Kaur) and his daughter are stuck in the country along with the rest of the stranded Indians.

      While Ranjith, owing to his connections has the option of leaving the country and going to London along with his family, he chooses to stay back and help the rest of the Indians who come to his aid with a hope that he will keep them safe and find a way back home.

      Post, Saddam Hussein's Iraqi Republican Guard invasion of Kuwait when young teenage boys are handed with guns in the military, what the country and its people went through is shown in a very realistic manner! How the lower military men tried to take advantage of the situation on a personal level, how the army men destroyed peoples' homes.

      How women and girls were disrespected will almost bring tears in your eyes! Ranjith's struggle in this entire journey is shown!

      When he sets up refugee camps and takes up the responsibility of giving them food and shelter much to the disagreement of his wife who feels, "Why do so much for those who are not even related to us! "He travels to Iraq taking huge life risk so as to find a way back home. Day in and day out he contacts the external affairs ministry, requesting them to help evacuate all the Indian refugees.

      When the Indian embassy in Kuwait run to safety and leave the people to fend for themselves, it is an official sitting in Delhi, Sanjeev Kohli (Kumud Mishra) who helps Ranjith in his mission to save the stranded penny less and homeless Indians.

      Indian government at the time, never publicised such secret rescue missions and so the people responsible, like the Air India, the government official and the two people on whose character Ranjith was based on never got any appreciation.

      Through this movie, people will finally come to know about these unsung heroes.

      Coming to performances, Akshay Kumar has given his finest performance! We never feel that he is an actor playing a character, Akshay becomes Ranjith in Airlift and each of his emotion is that much real. Every time he is in pain, every time he cries, we feel the pain, we cry, Akshay is that realistic!

      Nimrat Kaur's role may be small but she does a fab job! Her relationship with her on-screen husband is portrayed in a non-filmy, realistic manner! They fight, they disagree, they fail to understand each other during the ongoing crises and when push comes to shove, his wife stands for him against the world!

      The other supporting actors like Purab Kohli are given noticeable performances!

      Coming to the technicalities, Priya Seth deserves a huge applaud for her cinematography! Her camerawork is brilliant and with the backing from the director, she has shot and shown Airlift in the best way possible.

      The screenplay is the hero, the movie is rather fast faced with no filmy, over the board dramewala patriotic scenes.

      Direction by Raja Krishna Menon could have been better but nonetheless he doesn't disappoint to that level that we criticise the movie! He has done a good job with the movie, kept it crisp, interesting, emotional, entertaining and patriotic!


      Airlift is the movie to watch this weekend! A must watch for every Indian!

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