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Behen Hogi Teri Movie Review: A Mixture Of Confusion & Light Hearted Mindless Comedy!

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Cast - Rajkummar Rao, Shruti Haasan, Herry Tangri
Director & Producer - Ajay K Pannalal & Tony D'souza
What's Yay - Rajkummar Rao's performance.
What's Nay - Shruti Haasan's acting.
Iconic Moment - When Gattu and Bhure get drunk and start abusing the name 'Rahul'. A synonym for Shahrukh Khan who steals away other people's girlfriends.

Behen Hogi Teri Rajkummar Rao Shruti Haasan

Gattu loves Binny! But Gattu is an adult who behaves like a teenager. He loves to roam around with friends, doesn't have a job, runs away from the area during raksha bandhan, plays gully cricket and asks his parents for pocket money. He's mostly scared all the time but he's madly in love with his neighbour Binny Arora (Shruti Haasan). He's been taught since childhood that neighbourhood girls are like 'mothers and sisters' and a boy's only responsibility is to protect them.

Despite being juvenile and casual in life, Gattu (Rajkummar Rao) ends up winning over Binny and love blossoms between them. Things turn upside down when Gattu's best friend Bhure drops Binny on his bike and Gattu's father sees it. He spreads rumours in the area saying Bhure and Binny are secretly having an affair.

Bhure is the son of a former milkman who is now a gangster in town. Afraid and worried, Binny's unmarried brother decides to marry her off to an uber rich NRI from France. Will Gattu fight for his love and finally marry Binny? Or will the NRI from France woo Binny and marry her? For that you'll have to hit the theatres!


The typical girl-next-door love story has been done to death in Bollywood and director Ajay Pannalal has taken it up in this romcom. The direction is average and the 128 minutes long movie is long and boring. There are many twists in the film but the screenplay and the storyline do not have much to offer.

Although the film is a romcom, romance and comedy are missing in large amounts and the 'confusion' part is majorly highlighted. The characters lack depth and everything seems to look limited. At least, we hoped the director would do justice to the climax scenes by bringing maturity to the story, but that too is a let down. The typical girl-next-door love story just stands average in this one.


The only saving grace in this romcom is Rajkummar Rao. He has singlehandedly made this film 'at least watchable' and his acting looks natural. At some points we can't distinguish whether it's a movie or real life! He's that good on camera and does justice to whatever role is given to him.

Shruti Haasan looks beautiful but that's the only thing which is good. Her acting is below par and it seems like she herself is disinterested in the film. Even in simple scenes of crying, she makes it look like she's working hard to get it right.

Bhure (Herry Tangri) has done a good job and he's the only shoulder which Gattu can lean on. The friendship between Bhure and Gattu is shown well but because of the lack of a strong screenplay, it just doesn't cut the cake. The other side actors have done a good job too, but the weak plot is a let down.

Technical Aspects

There's nothing great about Behen Hogi Teri and everything looks average from the start till the end. The cinematography is like any other basic movie you'll watch on television when you have nothing else to do at home. It's that simple and casually made. There are no 'wow' scenes and all the camera angles are basic.


Behen Hogi Teri is a decent film with not much masala in terms of anything. Romance and comedy are not up to the mark. Give it a miss!

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