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Tera Intezaar Movie Review: This Sunny Leone & Arbaaz Khan Starrer Is Sad & Pathetic!

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    Cast: Sunny Leone, Arbaaz Khan
    Director: Raajeev Walia
    Producers: Aman Mehta, Bijal Mehta
    Writer: Anwarullah Khan
    What's Yay: Sunny Leone
    What's Nay: Dialogues, Performances, Direction, Screenplay
    Popcorn Refill: The popcorn tub is much more delightful than what's happening on the silver screen.
    Iconic Moment: The climax has a slight and surprising twist as a breather, apart from the boredom that the film is.


    The film starts with four protagonists trying to steal paintings at Veer's house and an angry ghost floods the whole house and the four drown instantly. Voila, the next scene they rise up in a pristine beach island in Mauritius and lose their way to reach the city while each one of them get killed in mysterious ways.

    Veer (Arbaaz Khan) a painter who does art for passion, falls in love with Rounak (Sunny Leone) who owns an art gallery showcasing the best paintings across the globe. She also boasts of clients who are ready to pay any amount for art and suddenly end up in bad company as four clients try to steal paintings from Veer's house and also thrash both Veer and Rounak mercilessly during the melee.

    Veer goes missing and Rounak searches for the love of her life while on the other hand, the four protagonists are being killed one by one, by a ghost in Mauritius. Who is that ghost and what's the connection between these paintings and Mauritius? And will Rounak find Veer or is he dead and became a ghost? The climax has a twist and it's a breather from the cringe-worthy film.


    There in not an ounce of directorial talent left with film-maker Raajeev Walia and each scene is shot so bad, that there's no connection between any scene and has not interwoven it in any aspect. The film is shot in an amateur manner and you'll get a feeling right from the start that the next two and half hours would be a total waste of your time. The direction is a complete let down!

    Performance Of Sunny Leone & Arbaaz Khan

    Even melodrama and glycerine cannot save Sunny Leone's acting skills and fails to connect during emotional scenes and the dialogues are mouthed so badly, you'll never know when is she speaking or crying or doing both at the same time. She lacks conviction, timing and fails to convince the audience that her character is in deep pain. She still has a long way to go to prove herself as a remotely good actor in Bollywood.

    Arbaaz Khan is stiff in all the scenes and has displayed the same emotion, be it anger, happiness or love, he's the same. Even during a few hot and steamy scenes, he looks unexcited or is doing it just for the heck of it. Despite playing the role of a ghost in a few scenes, he can't even scare anyone as his emotions are the same, just like the way he was alive. Sad acting!

    Technical Aspects

    Tera Intezaar lacks even basic editing and the close-up shots and drone shots pull the film even more down. It's like watching something you recorded on your mobile phone during a field trip and calling it a movie.


    Here's the sad part! Songs are randomly thrown in every 15 minutes which is unnecessary. The tracks aren't even peppy and foot-tapping and even the most glamorous song 'Sexy barbie Doll' is as boring as it gets.


    During the end of this movie, an important character turns out to be someone else - and at that point you'll wish that someone else was watching this movie instead and not you! This one is worth-a-miss, folks!

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