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      83 Movie Review: Kabir Khan & Ranveer Singh Are Going To Make Every Indian Happy With This Thrilling Innings

      Star Cast: Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Pankaj Tripathi, Tahir Raj Bhasin, Saqib Saleem
      Director: Kabir Khan

      Available On: Theatres - Disney+ Hotstar (Streaming Partner)
      Duration: 163 Minutes
      Language: English & Hindi

      Story: 83 is fictional documentation of India's heroic win at the 1983 Cricket World Cup in England against West Indies.

      ranveer singh, 83,

      Review: 83 directed by Kabir Khan isn't just a dramatic representation of India's heroic win at the 1983 Cricket World Cup in England. The 152 minutes represent the country's love for the sport as well as the impact Kapil Dev's captaincy had on the world. The first two minutes of the film are enough to set the emotional tone for the film. Filled with an overwhelming score of cheers, a crucial moment in the finals match is introduced, however, before you get to see Ranveer Singh's face, the logo is rolled in.

      The film then starts at BCCI's office during lunch hour, where a clerk is handed in the World Cup invitation for the Indian team. Without any regard for its importance, it is disregarded soaked in oil, which unfortunately also represented the Indian cricket team's stature among their own, let alone the world. Kabir Khan does not disregard how badly the Indian team had been performing in other series prior to the World Cup.

      While it was not at its best, their manager PR Man Singh (Pankaj Tripathi) had full faith in the new captain Kapil Dev (Ranveer Singh). He not only gives Kapil the support to lead the team but also can be seen pulling the rails at the right time so that the team stays intact. Along with an introduction to the Indian team, a well deserved moment is also given to the West Indies team who had held the crown before India.

      The makers waste no time and dive right in with practice matches which India lost. However, several personal moments with the audience and cricket fans drives Kapil's passion for the big win. Similarly, the first half is filled with personal and comic moments for each team member not only Kapil Dev. As much as the first half makes the audience laugh, it simmers towards a more emotional journey during the intermission and there on out.

      The screenplay is timed in such a way that no off-field moment feels short and no on-field moment feels dragged. Based on the true events, the film hardly has moments the world isn't aware of but still every ball and every wicket feels like a real match is being played on the big screen. The makers cleverly have used images and video clips of the original match in the feature film, as they recreate each iconic and crucial moment - making the film an even enjoyable experience.

      Deepika Padukone Broke Down In Tears After Watching Ranveer Singh-Starrer 83Deepika Padukone Broke Down In Tears After Watching Ranveer Singh-Starrer 83

      Kabir Khan has also taken a moment to acknowledge the change in the world's perspective toward the Indian team, both global and domestic. It also explores how much the country changed in a mere three weeks' time, from never having tracked cricket closely, to every house in the country being glued to their Tv screens to watch the final match. It is indeed breathtaking to witness, given how well calculated each moment is edited by Nitin Baid.

      The only missing aspect in the film was subtitles, this might be a personal preference but with several dialogues in Tamil, and Punjabi, along with numerous accents, it was hard to catch certain dialogues in the film, which felt like a big waste. The dialogues by Kabir Khan and Sumit Arora are sombre with few punch lines that come subtly but leave a lasting impact.

      Ranveer Singh as Kapil Dev is uncanny without missing a single moment. His presence is enough to fill the screen but at the same time, much like Kapil Dev, he knows when to let others shine. Nishant Dahiya, Jatin Sarna, Jiiva and Saqib Saleem leave a big impact that remains even after you have left the theatre. Kapil Dev also appears on the screen which led to a big cheer among the audience, the makers also gave a nod to other big players like Sachin Tendulkar who were influenced by India's big win in 1983.

      83 First Movie Review Out!83 First Movie Review Out!

      Deepika Padukone is not only playing the supportive wife but also lives through the role of Romi Bhatia. Meanwhile, Pankaj Tripathi as PR Man Singh becomes the humour and life of the team and film. He is mostly his charming self which makes for an entertaining watch.

      Overall, 83 is unmissable for several reasons, but Kabir Khan's direction, Ranveer Singh's acting and the unmatchable love for cricket among Indians and watching it in its full glory are the top three.

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