Antim: The Final Truth Movie Review: Salman Khan And Aayush Sharma's Combo Is A Wholesome Entertaining Package

    Star Cast: Salman Khan, Aayush Sharma, Mahima Makwana, Sachin Khedekar, Jisshu Sengupta, Niketan Dheer, Rohit Haldikar
    Director: Mahesh Manjrekar

    An intense fight scene featuring Salman Khan's Rajvir Singh and Aayush Sharma's Rahul has the two opponents trying to intimidate each other. During this Salman Khan mutters the dialogue, 'Tu Pune Ka Bhai Hoga Lekin Main Pehle Se Hindustan Ka Bhai Hoon.' These are the few moments coupled with the infectious combo of Salman and Aayush that make Antim: The Final Truth a wholesome package of an entertaining watch.

    What's Yay: Salman Khan's subtle yet powerful act, Aayush Sharma's effort to put up a fiery act, impactful dialogues and rustic essence of the movie

    What's Nay: An unpolished screenplay and some illogical plotlines


    Rahul (Aayush Sharma) is embroiled in the world of crime and underworld on a quest to uplift his and his family's life after their farmland is usurped by a scrupulous landowner. He sees the plight of his father (Sachin Khedekar) a former farmer-wrestler and many other farmers who are suppressed and deprived of their rightful ancestral land and the feeling of vengeance further drives him into being a dreadful gangster.

    He only showcases his vulnerability to his ladylove Manda (Mahima Makwana) a headstrong tea stall owner. However, he sees his biggest obstacle in Rajvir Singh (Salman Khan) a badass and no-nonsense cop who is fighting his own silent battle against the system. How Rajvir and Rahul's principles clash with each other amidst a dark web of crime forms the crux of Antim: The Final Truth.



    Mahesh Manjrekar has kept the entire essence of the film exceptionally raw, rustic and close to the rural heartland of India. This Hindi remake of Mulshi Pattern has all the brownie points for a family entertainer with the right amount of action, sentiments, romance and some adrenaline rush. The writing by Pravin Tarde, Abhijit Deshpande and Mithlesh Kaushik add diverse layers and uniqueness to each and every character.

    Be it Rahul's aggression, Rajvir's virtues, the righteousness of Rahul's family or the ruthlessness of the antagonists, the action of the characters look real and well-shaped up. The movie also gives a brutal message of how the wrongdoings and injustice towards one's own family can vanish all the innocence and throw oneself into a shrewd and tumultuous path.

    Antim: The Final Truth Twitter Review: Did Salman Khan And Aayush Sharma-Starrer Impress The Audience?Antim: The Final Truth Twitter Review: Did Salman Khan And Aayush Sharma-Starrer Impress The Audience?

    However, the movie lacks a strong screenplay that adds to its tedious pace. With unnecessary flashbacks in the climax, Antim: The Final Truth threatens to get preachy and monotonous. Some of the subplots of the movie especially the one where Salman Khan's Rajvir Singh goes on an undercover killing spree to turn the goons into loggerheads with each other looks highly illogical.

    One wonders how can a disciplinarian cop go on performing endless encounters without any permission from his seniors. These plotlines devoid of any logic or reasoning laboriously add to the pace of the movie.

    Aayush Sharma Was Trained By Tiger Shroff's Trainer For Antim's TransformationAayush Sharma Was Trained By Tiger Shroff's Trainer For Antim's Transformation


    Aayush Sharma has definitely come a long way from his chocolate boy avatar in Loveyatri. The man has skillfully slipped into the role of the aggressive and ruthless Rahul who's trapped in the world of crime, underworld and betrayals. The actor is especially good in the scenes wherein he has to channel his aggressive and vindictive side.

    One can see a heavy inspiration from Sanjay Dutt's act from Vaastav in his performance as well as the character. However, towards the conclusion, Sharma overdoes some of the scenes wherein he has to showcase his depressed and lonely side. His performance tends to become one tone during the same. But there is no denying that Aayush has definitely upgraded himself considerably from his last movie.

    Salman Khan inevitably has his whistle worthy moments and does not fail to showcase his charming screen presence as the no-nonsense Sikh cop. Some of his dialogues will definitely garner the required claps and whistles from the masses.

    However, the actor can be visibly seen to have taken a subtle backseat to let Aayush's character shine. But that does not hinder his performance in any manner. His showdown scenes with Sharma are the ones to look out for. There are just some illogical plotlines written for his character that refuses to strike a chord sometimes.

    Mahima Makwana displays a confident act in her debut project as Manda. She's a strong woman in a man's world and the actress showcases a powerful conviction in her performance. However, her chemistry with Sharma could've been a little more impactful. Sachin Khedekar steals the show in all of his scenes as the righteousness and honourable father of Rahul.

    The man inevitably gives the strongest performance out of the supporting cast members. Rohit Haldikar does justice to his role of Rahul's confidante. Jisshu Sengupta and Niketan Dheer are convincing as the antagonists and get into the skin of their characters successfully.

    Technical Aspects

    The cinematography by Karan B Rawat captures the rustic and rural appeal of the villages. The production design by Prashant Rane also is top-notch. The locations and the overall essence of the movie are organic and thus can be connected with.


    The music by Ravi Basrur and Hitesh Modak is catchy especially the background score of Antim's title track that primarily plays during Salman Khan's entry. The 'Vignaharta' gives the right kind of devotion and energy while the romantic song 'Hone Laga' crooned by Jubin Nautiyal is pleasant to the ears. However, none of the other soundtracks strikes a chord.


    Watch this Hindi remake of Mulshi Pattern to consume a considerable amount of an entertaining package. This one once again will be a treat for all the Bhai fans out there. We give Antim: The Final Truth 3 out of 5 stars.

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