‘Boycott For Life…’: Zara Faces Massive Backlash Over Its Controversial Ad Campaign. See REACTIONS

Zara Faces Backlash Over Its Controversial Ad Campaign

Zara Controversy: Spanish fashion giant Zara has found itself embroiled in a major controversy following the release of its latest campaign, "ZARA ATELIER. Collection 04_The Jacket." The campaign has triggered outrage due to its controversial imagery touching on sensitive issues.

Zara, with the launch of the campaign maintained that the central theme of the campaign is an exploration of concentrated design, specifically focusing on "The Jacket."

However, the promotional visuals have faced severe criticism for featuring unsettling images, including what appears to be bodies wrapped in a white body bag resembling traditional Muslim burial attire. The campaign also includes portrayal of rocks, rubble, and a cardboard cutout resembling the map of Palestine.

As soon as the campaign was put up, massive reactions criticizing the brand poured out on social media. Former Zara supporters expressed shock, dismay, and anger at what they perceive as the brand's exploitation of sensitive political issues for marketing purposes.

A user wrote, "My jaw dropped seeing this. Boycott for life. You are disgusting demons. I can't believe what I'm looking at." Another user wrote, "Do you think that 20,000 people are killed, and it is normal for you to use their deaths as a marketing method? Don't come out and say you didn't mean to... disgusting."

"I want to believe that their is nothing intentionally cynical about this. The trouble is most of us out here have been traumatised by the footage coming out in our part of the world. I would in that frame of mind call this campaign sadly tone deaf," said one more user. Check out some more reactions.

While Zara has deleted the post, as of now, the brand has not issued a public response or statement regarding the controversy. What are your views on this?

DISCLAIMER: The particular article is a compilation of thoughts shared by social media users on the subject. Ideas expressed do not reflect the view of Filmibeat.

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