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Everybodys Fine

Audience Review

Release Date

2009 (India)
04 Dec 2009 (WorldWide)
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Kirk Jones directed Everybody's Fine is a remake of the 1990 Italian film Stanno Tutti Bene but has very little in common with Stanno Tutti Bene.

While Stanno Tutti Bene impressed the audience Everybody's Fine seems to be packed with too much with the same basic sadness in every frame. Who’s fine? Everybody’s Fine ponders seems to ponder around the question and Kirk Jones unfortunately doesn't seem to have any answer for it.

Once regarded as the one of America's best actors Robert De Niro hasn't delivered a good movie or good performance in a long time. Although he tried re-inventing himself venturing into comedies but he is yet to stroke gold.

Everybody's Fine doesn't do any good to his career either. Everybody’s Fine is exactly the sort of role that De Niro doesn’t need at this point in his career where he doesn’t seem to know what he was doing.

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