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    2010-03-05 11:23:45
    Legion is an amalgamation of pretty much all those films which have explored the concept of a possible apocalypse, although with an extra dose of pathos. Will someone be able to salvage the mankind from extinction is the questions raised.

    The film is largely based on Terminator series and even the latest US pot-boiler ‘Zombieland’. However, director Scott Stewart adds novelty to his un-original film by making a god’s angel (with wings) fire a machine gun!

    Stewart who is also the writer of the film makes god’s angels the villains of his film as it is they who pose a threat to humans! Reason being, god has lost faith in mankind and thus doesn’t want the tribe to survive anymore.

    Michael (Bettany) is god’s angel who comes to earth with a mission of destroying the human race. Michael however disobeys his order and attempts to restore god’s faith in humanity. In order to give mankind a chance, he will have to let a baby survive.

    Supporting Michael in his mission are a couple of strangers who in a middle-of-nowhere diner will fight out millions of possessed humans. The possessed humans act like zombies but follow the orders of god!

    The film is simply bizarre and purely absurd. It begins like Zombieland with a granny crawling on the ceiling of the diner and attacking humans! The scene is half funny, half scary but manages to hold your attention. To protect themselves from a million granny like zombies, the strangers well equipped with adequate weaponry fire like m
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