Love Happens (2010)(A)

    Release date 26 Mar 2010

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    2010-03-26 11:28:54
    Love Happens is a film with a good intent but a misleading title. The film’s promo gives an impression that it must be a romantic comedy but that’s not the case. The film is in fact a drama which reiterates that life must go on and that one has to let go of the past no matter how tragic it is.

    Burke Ryan (Aaron Eckhart) becomes a self-help author after his wife dies in an accident. His personal loss makes him write a best-selling book on coping grief. He conducts seminars for people who want to confront their past and get over the loss of their loved one. He successfully does his job but also realizes he himself seeks redemption the most from his biggest regret – having to live a life without his wife. Caught in the web of his thoughts one fine day, the widower accidentally bumps into a mysterious florist Eloise (Aniston) in a hotel lobby and realizes love can find a way out.

    Eloise who herself has had a string of unsuccessful relationships in the past knows how to put it all behind her back and move on while Burke doesn’t practice what he preaches. The two then help each other to move on and give love and life another chance.

    As mentioned earlier in this review, Love Happens is not about romance really so the title itself is a let down. Had the film been promoted differently with a more realistic title, the film would come across in a much better way than it does.
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