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New Years Eve

Audience Review

Release Date

2011 (India)
09 Dec 2011 (WorldWide)
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New Year's Eve, directed by Garry Marshall intertwines ten small stories in one plot and showcases how these several characters celebrate their New Year's Eve. The wafer thin story line revolves around a few people who face a momentous decision before midnight.

There are several things going on in the movie as the director tries to do justice to all the ten stories that has been intertwined to form one large film – New Year's Eve.

Director Garry Marshall seems unsuccessful in combining the multiple thread of relationships that are drawn together over the course of the night. As the narrative jumps from one story to the other, you tend to lose interest since the time given for each story is very little. Besides, there is nothing novel in the story. The second half in New Year's Eve gets slow and monotonous.     

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