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Salt (U/A)

Audience Review

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2010 (India)
23 Jul 2010 (WorldWide)
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Salt is one of those rare action flicks that has non-stop hard hitting action for ninety minutes straight and is all done with a brain. Originally, written for a male lead star, in which Tom Cruise was the primary candidate but after he turned it down because it was too similar to his role in Mission: Impossible the makers changed the script and took on Angelina Jolie to play the same role reworked for a female main lead.

Evelyn Salt (Jolie) is a C.I.A. officer who is amazing at her job. She has done everything to protect the United States. One day, as she is leaving work to go home to her husband for their anniversary, a strange man walks into the C.I.A. offices with an extremely odd accusation about Salt.

As she and her partner, Ted Winter (Schreiber), sit around to hear him talk, things start to get a little crazy. This man, who is considered a defector, claims that Evelyn is actually a Russian spy who has been planted in the United States to kill the President. Salt freaks out, thinking that this can’t be true, and makes a run for it.

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