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Sucker Punch

Audience Review

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2011 (India)
25 Mar 2011 (WorldWide)
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Hollywood movie Sucker Punch is a passion project of director Zack Snyder, who has produced, directed and co-written the story and screenplay with Steve Shibuya for it. It is an interesting fantasy film, which is completely an original flick by Snyder. It has been done with a great in-depth and is definitely a visually stunning film, which is fairly impressive to watch.

Sucker Punch, which has been rated PG-13, has the plot within the plot within the plot. It is a fantasy world within a fantasy world within a fantasy world. It is a mess on many levels and is a fairly hard film to review. There is a main plot very loosely dispersed throughout the movie, but it is so muddled by the other layers that it is very hard to tell what is actually going on.

Sucker Punch is all about how a girl named Baby Doll, who has been lobotomised due to her stepfather's greed and how she escapes from the asylum. Snyder, who helmed such techno-thrill adventures as Watchmen, lets his imagination run riot again in this ultra-violent potboiler that unravels like an expensive video game. He has worked extra hard to insert high outlook into every single. His brain is geared towards directing and visuals.

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