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The Hurt Locker


Audience Review

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2010 (India)
09 Apr 2010 (WorldWide)
By : Mohammed

On : 2010-03-08 11:07:26

The other night I was at my friend’s house and we decided to watch a movie. He has 3 deployments under his belt (2 to Afghanistan and 1 to Iraq) and of course I have my experiences. He spent $5.99 on the movie, The Hurt Locker.

I had heard mixed reviews about it, from “very realistic” to it being a “piece of crap” movie. One opinion that I held the highest was from a friend who was a technical adviser on the movie. However he was only on staff of the movie for 2 weeks. As soon as he got his first and only paycheck he ran from the project as fast as he could.

I have found the best way to break down a movie for review is to highlight the bad things and then the good things and then wrap it up with a summary. Well in this case why don’t I start with the good things, since that is a much shorter list.

There were only two good things in this movie and by good I mean realistic. These were the way that iraqi civilians were portrayed as always watching and leering at the soldiers and the way the explosions happened. Rather than the over-the-top, fuel-infused, fireball style explosions that are normally in Hollywood movies, the ones that happened in this movie were very realistic.

They were true to form in that they showed the violence of a shockwave and dust all at once. I could see why there were some warnings on the internet for those with combat experience about watching it.

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