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The Losers (A)

Audience Review

Release Date

2010 (India)
02 Jul 2010 (WorldWide)
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An Elite Special Forces unit is sent to target a Bolivian drug lord, but when they see a group of children, used as mules, entering the compound, they attempt to call off the strike. Their CIA point man, Max (Jason Patric, The Alamo, My Sister’s Keeper), refuses to back down, however, so the team, led by Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Watchmen) engages the enemy on the ground, rescuing the children while accomplishing the mission.

Moments later their joy is turned to horror as they see the helicopter meant for them destroyed with its precious cargo. Stranded without any identity, Colonel Clay’s unit will fight back as ‘The Losers’.

Help arrives in the guise of a beautiful stranger, Aisha (Zoe Saldana), who after seducing Clay, offers her help to sneak the Losers back into the US if they will do a job for her – get Max. No problem for the Losers since that is what they want anyway.

Next thing you know, they emerge from coffins flown into Miami and begin to implement their plan for revenge. However, things are not what they seem on several fronts that make the twisty-turny adaptation by Peter Berg and James Vanderbilt a great deal more fun than it could have been.

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