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Transformers Dark Of The Moon

Audience Review

Release Date

2011 (India)
29 Jun 2011 (WorldWide)
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Director Michael Bay is finally out with his latest 3D film Transformers: Dark of the Moon. When compared to the previous installments like Revenge of the Fallen, Transformers 3 is far better than the standards of those films. This Hollywood movie seems to be the next biggest and best 3-D movie after Blockbuster movie Avatar.

Transformers Dark of the Moon is a science fiction, which is a right blend of comedy and action. Serviceable story, killer CGI, brain-scrambling action, excellent sound mixing and wonderful climax are the major highlights of the movie. Meanwhile, it is bogged down by some plot-holes, lack of development in some of the new robot characters and an overlong run time.

Transformers 3 revolves around a half-century old conspiracy: the 1960s space race. It was actually a response to a downed Autobot ship The Ark, which crash-landed on Earth’s moon back in 1961. Dark of the Moon serves as a prologue to the upcoming film with the same name. There is a story about the evil Decepticons desperately looking for something.

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