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Richards makes racist comments

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
During a live performance, Seinfeld's Micheal Richard aka Kramer found himself in trouble. While performing at the Laugh Factory comedy club, he was heckled by a couple of Afro Americans. Richards tried to fend their comments. When he couldnt handle it anymore, He said "Shut up" followed by a number of racial comments. Attempts to oppose his barrage of insults ended up in him saying "Well, you interrupted me pal, that's what happens when you interrupt the white man."

Micheal Richards was on the Jay Leno's The Tonight Show to apologize for the incident. He was on the show since the orignal guest for the show's episode, friend and former costar Jerry Sienfeld, asked him to use the opportunity to explain and apologize. He said that he was sorry that the incident happened and that it had happened because he had lost his cool.While apologizing, a particular member of the audience who had apparently found this funny started laughing. Seinfeld retorted at the audience member saying "it was not a funny thing to laugh at." Richards too responded saying "I'm hearing your audience laugh and I'm not even sure that this is where I should be addressing the situation... I'm really busted up over this."

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