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Quiet Hollywood

Posted By: Staff
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One normally gets to see Hollywood's non-screen side on the red carpet, during movie premieres, during award shows...at times when they know the spotlight will be on them, so they dress up and look "Hollywoodesque" for their fans. Apart from a television special that chronicles their regular lives, you only get to see the side of them that is made for viewing. No fashion screw-ups, no bad make up...atleast none meant unintentionally. And all the stars that walk the red carpet on this side are the flaunty types-who you wouldn't really think want to be an actor or actress and who just seem like they are into the business to have a great wild party, compromise or no compromise have a great time and that's about it. You don't really get to see the people who really wanted to make great actors of themselves, who just wanted to act and that's all. They never were really in for the glamour. They never really wanted the glamour. They only wanted to make great actors of themselves. You don't get to see them flaunting a new Versace or holding a new partner by their side every time they lose one. They are actors who have that fire for acting in the true sense. They don't care much for the glamour side of the acting profession. It is just part'n parcel of the proffesion. There is a whole side to Hollywood beside the glamour that you see on the red carpet. They are Quiet Hollywood.

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